A Few More Finished Quilts

I’ve been keeping busy but mostly doing what I said I wouldn’t do and that was to start any new projects until I finished a few that were almost done. :-/

I have finished three more quilts however. If you’re new to my blog, you should know that I love to make quilts, but am not quite so in love with the process of finishing them. So I send my quilts off to a wonderful new friend, Becky, who is quite talented in doing the top stitching. She has a longarm service called Collis Country Quilting. (If you’re interested in contacting Becky, you can reach here on her Facebook page: Collis Country Quilting). She can also be reached via email at: rebecca_collis@yahoo.com. Just let her know that I sent you!

She did some incredible work on a quilt that was so amazing! I am in awe at the work on this quilt:

DSCN5197IMG_4333IMG_4332IMG_4331IMG_4330IMG_4329Five different quilting styles were used to complete this quilt. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the way she quilted this. Her attention to details is off the charts!DSCN5199DSCN5198My helper in trying to stay hidden when its windy and he doesn’t want to be in the pictures:DSCN5200The next couple of quilts are ideas that I get while looking at the already cut stash of fabrics. I’ve been trying to use up as much as I can.

DSCN5196DSCN5195DSCN5194DSCN5193And the final quilt for this post…

DSCN5190DSCN5189DSCN5188I used a blue background with white dots, which is the same as the border. A nice little finish. I did, however, not have enough for the backing, so there is an inset of red with white dots. Sometimes you gotta make do!


Also, this week, The Kid and I were on a Studio Ghibli kick and watched four or five movies. The one I like is “Howl’s Moving Castle” which boasts a fire who is voiced by Billy Crystal -“Calcipher”. So as sort of a salute (and for something to do with my hands) I made this little bean-guy:

IMG_4328Took apart another forty pairs of jeans. We stumbled onto the best deal for salvaging denim from old jeans. Our local Red Racks (which is a thrift store that supports veterans’ needs) has what is called Last Chance, which is where clothing ends up that doesn’t sell. And on Sundays, it goes to a whopping twenty-five cents! So, I go through and grab all the best jeans – generally speaking those that have pockets and side seams for additional quilting. Voilá! I have something for my hands to do and it provides a lot of fabric for jeans quilts.

So, a couple more projects accomplished and this post done. Whew!


Denim! Is There Anything More American?

I started thinking about this as baseball, apple pie and denim. We Americans love our jeans!

I played around with the waistbands that I harvested from 50 or 60 pairs of jeans. I’ve already sewn the pairs together and it is going to be handful. I am thinking that this might work… lay them in pairs and then piece them together:DSCN3709

Due to the heaviness of the denim and the small neck opening on my sewing machine, I am going to have to simply add the pairs to the existing piece. Usually, you sew two together, then sew two of those together. Then sew the 4’s to other 4’s, etc., but like I said, that will create way too much bulk and weight. And way too quickly!

I’ve been trying to varying the lengths, but they are all over the place. The piece will also inevitably get longer than it is wide, so I am thinking that maybe four large pieces placed ninety degrees to each other.

Here’s a mockup to show you what I mean, only you have to use your imagination to include many more waistbands and the thing being a whole lot bigger!

Waistband Quilt ConceptI haven’t been able to decide what to do with the metal clasp/button. They wouldn’t be nice to lay on or step on and most of the time they aren’t lining up with the band below or above it. But I think it is kind of an essential part of a pair of jeans, so I am tempted to figure out a way to use them. I guess we’ll see.

Another thing that I’ve not decided if I will resew the belt loops back down or glue them – either way it will have to be a lot of hand work. I like the look of the belt loops, but this is going to be a heavy and it won’t be able to be top stitched – so not a “real” quilt. But it is going to be heavy and warm, I promise! So far, I’ve not lost a single needle yet to this work, as the waist bands are generally only two layers thick, unless you hit one of those &@#$! belt loops. :-\ And wow, with the zigzag stitching, it is using up a LOT of thread and bobbins! I have been trying to use a light blue matching thread on top, and white for the bobbin.

I have to say, though, there is something inherently beautiful in denim – especially as they come out of an old pair of jeans. I had a few pieces, like from the zipper enclosure or a side pocket or seam and just love the way that the fabric fades and wears.

photoThe varying degrees of exposure to sunlight and the dimpled, wrinkled way that seams create wonderful color variations are something to behold. After I go through the ton of denim that I have to be cut into strips for the rag rug, I know I will end up with many weird little shaped pieces. I might see about just using all those weird shapes to create another quilt, less bulk might actually mean being able to top stitch it. And can you imagine using the ubiquitous gold thread to do so?

I started this during my sabbatical, but have since returned to work (three wonderful months now!). I am driving down to meet Rebecca, the woman who will be top stitching all my quilts this weekend. She has invited me to check out Collis Country Quilting – her setup and more importantly, meet. I have so many quilt tops and their backs ready to be completed… I am sure that I won’t even remember doing some of them it has been so long. I want to write a post for Rebecca and her services, so that she can continue to be available for my top stitching (I know, I am selfish!). I am so excited!

So onto the weekend!


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