Gotta Love It When Your Kid Makes You Breakfast

I don’t know if I ever mentioned in this blog, but my gorgeous, handsome, smart and charming son is the result of five years of infertility treatments, prayers and lots and lots of tears. But into my life came the most wonderful bundle of joy. He has been, without a doubt, the best kid any mom could ask for.

He is an easy kid to cook for, as well. He loves everything I cook. But every once in a while he will run across a recipe that he wants to try, and without fail, he knows it is something that I will like as well.

His latest discovery was something he found on Imgur. I don’t spend much time up there myself, although I do have an account, doing my crafts and projects as well as writing this blog take up a lot of my time! So, he brought this idea to me and asked if he could try it.

Here is the original Imgur post.

I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough! He was even thoughtful enough to determine that we didn’t have all the necessary ingredients, he even went to the store and bought them! On his own dime! (He doesn’t generally spend his hard earned cash on groceries!)

So, here are the results:

Bacon & Eggs BeforeDoesn’t that look like heaven? It is!

Essentially, you take a round of bread (just use a slice of bread and using a glass or jar, press into the bread making a round) and place in the bottom of each opening in a muffin tin. Then curl cooked bacon around the edge of each. Sprinkle cheese into the opening and then drop an egg into the cup. Season. Bake in a 400° oven for 18 minutes.

A couple of hints: using cooking spray in each opening before placing the bread round. Don’t completely cook the bacon or it won’t be pliable to bend around the tin’s curve. Use cheese of your choice, the original recipe used cheddar or jack, but we like monterrey cheese.

I considered using hash browns instead of bread, or maybe even biscuit dough (you know those tubes from Pillsbury). Even a slice of potato. Or instead of bacon, you could use a sausage patty.  Or even adding already scrambled eggs instead of the uncooked egg (although I think you’d want to bake it less time). There are probably a hundred ways you could make this your own.

But the best thing is to get your own kid to make it for you and serve it up with a smile!

Bacon & Eggs






Another Collis Country Quilting Quilt: Zig, Don’t Zag

The second of the two quilts shipped off to my new long-arm quilter is finished. If you missed yesterday’s post, I wrote about a very talented woman who is now quilting my quilts. She is not exactly local, but close enough that I should be able to deliver a sizable stack of quilt tops ready to be quilted. I had previously sent her two randomly chosen quilt tops from my considerable stack as a sort of trial and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Somehow, out of the hefty stack, I managed to choose two of the largest quilts I made. Or maybe all my quilts are larger than I remember. At least shows that Becky can handle even the largest quilts. I’ve completed so many quilt tops, that by the time I get around getting them shipped off to be quilted and they return, it is like having brand new quilts. It is quite a nice surprise.

photo 4

So, here it is, spread out on the guest bedroom waiting for binding. This one is larger than the last, so much so that I think it is close to king sized. I rarely pay attention to the sizes as I am creating quilt tops, rather just sew to my heart’s 2Isn’t this beautiful quilting? I love the way that Becky quilts right up to the edge. Oh and did I mention that she actually bastes right at the edge before quilting? Makes the quilting lay so nice and flat. And after the first washing, the quilt takes on that puffy look, which I fell in love with when I saw my very first handmade quilt.


I tried to get some close up photos so that you could see the beauty in her quilting. And so that you can see the details in the fabrics that I used. I have a whole collection of fabrics that I continuously add to so that I can make “I Spy” quilts. You can see some of those fabrics in this quilt.DSCN3286I don’t recall where I saw this design but it was easy enough to do. I am pleased with the wide border, to set of the white zig zags.


Lots of bright colors and cheery fabrics:DSCN3289 DSCN3290

And there it is in all of its glory! Its funny, but The Kid has called ‘dibs’ on this quilt. Funny enough, though, he calls ‘dibs’ on most of my quilts! If I actually gave him every quilt he called dibs, he’d be sleeping under thirty or forty!DSCN3285I can’t say enough good things about Becky and her services. In case you missed yesterday’s post, I am trying out a new longarm service, Collis Country Quilting. If you’re interested in contacting Becky, you can reach here on her Facebook page: Collis Country Quilting. She can also be reached via email at: Just let her know that I sent you! She is working to build up a client base, which is kind of funny, because as word gets out about how good she is, she probably won’t have time to do my quilts! Ha!

Still working on completing everything that’s already been started (before beginning anything new), but I’ve managed to sell my last furniture piece. I need to get a few more of the garage furniture completed next. I picked up a few new pieces over the last couple of weeks, so tomorrow we start banging out those projects.


That’s Right, I am On Vacation!

4fd166203866b91161bc5ed53d4747beThat’s right! I am spending some quality time with my son, AKA ‘The Kid”.

Be back soon!


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