Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

I’ve never been known to be “traditional” and like thinking different. About all aspects of my life. And that includes life with my son.

In our house, we don’t much that can be defined as traditional. Take for instance, today, Thanksgiving. While most of the nation is sitting down to a formal or semi-formal meal with friends and family punctuated with a big brown turkey and surrounded by mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing and pumpkin pie:


You’ll find us with our traditional food: lasagna!

DSCN4175Ever since The Kid was born, it was always my intention to create our own traditions and memories. I love breaking the mold and doing things our own way. Since I replaced ground beef with ground turkey way before The Kid was even born, we have always eaten a lot of turkey. And early in is life as part of a more traditional celebration with my folks while they were still alive, The Kid determined that he didn’t like baked turkey… not even the drumstick. And when I asked him what he would prefer – expecting an answer like ham or something else that we didn’t have often – he came up with lasagna!

Lasagna it was. We’ve done Thanksgiving dinner with lasagna now for at least fifteen years. We look forward to it every year! We make it a big production and we cook it together and usually make one large pan and several smaller ones that go into the freezer.

DSCN4171Here is the big one about to go into the oven!DSCN4172Now that the “big one” is baking, now its on to making some smaller ones. The Kid picks out the sizes he wants – he will most likely eat most of the big one and – if not all, then most of the smaller ones. This makes it easy to let him just take one out of the freezer and pop it into the oven.DSCN4173The two smaller pans also ready to go into the oven. The top one will make a great ‘lazy’ dinner some night when neither of us feel like cooking and I can see The Kid inhaling the smaller one as a snack!

This non-traditional thinking extends to other aspects of our lives as well. For instance, we don’t really celebrate Christmas. It isn’t that we’re anti-Christmas or anything, it really is the belief that every day is special and we believe that we should live each day as though it were as special as Christmas. Consequently, we don’t have a Christmas tree or decorate like most folks, and this suits us just fine. I regularly shower him with gifts and treats that I believes that he deserves and has earned, rather than because it is Christmas.

The thing I want people to understand is that we believe and support the underlying message of Christmas, it is just our decision not to base it on a calendar but to express it all during the year. We do join in with charities and other giving programs; we just don’t expect it for ourselves.

And we love our non-traditional selves! The one drawback as I see it, is that things become very crafty around this season and because this is a craft and creative blog, most people will expect to see that reflected here.

I will be that one blog that does it differently. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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