A Different Twist on Monopoly

You all know I have a love of Monopoly, right? I have collected dozens of sets of tokens from different games, used Monopoly money to cover a dresser and a star and have differing and various odds and ends that are Monopoly related.

I wanted to try something different. Previously, I have opted to “go large” with some creative work – large versions of quilt patterns, very large birthday cards, etc., but have never really gone “small”. One more thing I could try and it would be easier (I thought) than going big.

I did some clay work a while back, working on the doll house… miniature versions of food and household items, and I had a large selection of clay left. I created my own ‘tokens’ and die while watching television. And then I had an idea!

So, here is the Monopoly game I created:

dscn4791So, you may be wondering: what’s so special? Here is the game in its showcase:

dscn4804I recreated the entire game to fit within an 8″ square frame. The three tokens (an iron, a thimble and a dog) as well as the houses and hotels and the die were made from bake able clay. I created the rest simply by scanning the items or locating the images online. Many took a little maneuvering to get the right scale and lots of cutting.

There really isn’t a lot to tell, but will instead just show photos. I am including the printables at the bottom of the post.

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Working in such a small scale was not easy! I think the hardest item was to create the token pieces (and up close I don’t think they don’t even look exactly right!).

But it was a fun little project to do and I can say I did it!



Preparing for 2016: Printable Calendars

I ran across a gorgeous printable for 2016 calendars. I’m generally not much of printed calendars, I am a devotee of my iPhone and computer calendars. But when I saw this calendar I knew I had to print this one.

My first thought was to print these one to a page and then flip them over and print an image to the other side. Unfortunately, my printer setting was configured to print on both sides, so I ended up with that printing first. Then I printed out another set, this time one to a page.

I took that set and then flipped them over, found the images I wanted to print on the other side and sent those images to the printer. Another oops – man, do I need to be more attentive when I am printing – and this time I accidentally printed the image over the top of the calendar. But I caught it after printing just four and realized that the image was the same size as the calendar… and looked pretty cool! A nice oops for a change! 🙂

DSCN4125Tough photographing the calendars, but these are very suh-weet! Trust me!DSCN4126I am going to have these bound on the side, I think, and use these in my office.

So, back to the second attempt. Finally, with the 12 pieces of card stock printed with the calendar, I fed them through the printer so that the image printed on the other side.


That worked well. I think that I will have these bound at the top and use these in my kitchen/dining area. Not sure where I found the images – I have a collection of over 3400 images that I’ve collected over the years to cycle through as my screensaver images. But I have them in a series of colors – about fifteen in all – and so they were perfect for these calendars.

DSCN4127You can find these free printables over here at Delineate Your Dwelling. Spend some time checking out this great blog!

I can’t believe that I am actually ahead of myself at this point!


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