For Sale: Handcrafted Doll House and Accessories

Need that perfect gift for your little doll mommy? Built for all 18″ dolls including American Girl, Today Girl, Journey Girl, Madame Alexander, My Twinn, Our Generation, KidKraft Sadie, Gotz and Disney Princess and more. After many months of planning, shopping, designing, building and furnishing, I am offering this one of a kind dollhouse for $3000.00.

DSCN1929Designed, built, handcrafted and lovingly assembled for your princess just in time for Christmas. Give your little girl a place to play and store all of her American Girl treasures!!

Two pieces, designed for delivery, assembled stands 80″ tall. But that doesn’t include the rooftop garden! Overall dimensions: 80″h x 25″d x 48″w. This was hand built by my son and I in our home and has many extras you won’t find in any other house.


Three levels boasts a bedroom with adjoining bathroom, living room with fireplace and a state of the art kitchen with built in cabinets and turquoise appliances. Everything pictured is included with the exception of the doll. The doll is not included.

The pink bedroom with handcrafted bed and handmade linens sewn in awesome shades of pink. Includes a pillow with pillow case. Matching dresser in shades of pink (also called ombré style of painting) with four functional drawers. To round out the bedroom, we have a deep red wood stained armoire with a bar for hanging and three small drawers.

DSCN1912Enter the bathroom through the door in the bedroom to find a clawfoot bathtub, toilet and sink. Pink towel set – bath towel, hand towel and washcloth and a small basket with shampoo, conditioner and bath soap. The room is complete with actual white square tiles and baseboards.



DSCN1911The kitchen is like no other you will ever see! Taking up the entire second floor, it boasts built in glass door cupboards above and below. Stainless steel sink with extendable sink sprayer sits on top of a glass tile countertop in beautiful shades of turquoise. The cupboard next to the store has a solid wood surface perfect for chopping vegetables, and houses a mixer and baking pans. Microwave above the over (sorry, door doesn’t open) but the range has an opening door with two wire shelves and plastic door to see when those pastries are browned. Refrigerator comes stocked with vegetables and food for hosting that perfect holiday party. Pantry next to the ‘fridge also boasts soup and assorted canned vegetables.




DSCN1924The kitchen floor is a beautiful hardwood floor, three coats of varnish and three coats of polyurethane. This will look beautiful for years of play.  Same floor on the third floor, and has a hand hooked rug in between upholstered sofas. Put your feet up and relax in front of the fireplace (extra firewood in the wood box). A small table with a sewing box is near for mending socks on a late night. Plenty of room to include a Christmas tree for your dolls!





On top, we have one more relaxing space… three piece wicker set with heart motif is surrounded by pots of colorful flowers. A wonderful place to enjoy the sunshine with a glass of tea!

DSCN1927Please keep in mind that I am simply someone who likes to tinker and collect, I am not a master carpenter so this is unique albeit not perfect.  The small imperfections make it a one of a kind but built and furnished with love and laughter!


DSCN1895  DSCN1893





DSCN1902Keep in mind that although lots of little extras have been provided, there is still plenty of room to add your own special touches. Pictures, posters, doll clothes, food, dishes, jewelry… all those things that will make this dollhouse your daughter’s own.

Dollhouse will be available for local pick up in Kansas City MO once payment is received. Feel free to email me with ANY questions.

With regards to shipping: I want to work with you to make this your little girl’s perfect Christmas. I can deliver locally in and around Kansas City area for $50. That includes delivery and set up in your home. I will work with you on getting it to you, inquire about delivery outside the area, please send me an email.  Of course you are always welcome to swing through town and pick it up!

Please remember: The doll is not included. Everything else is.

I would love to hear your comments, questions, your own experiences. See previous posts for more in depth instructions and photos. I’ve truly enjoyed this process, but am ready to move on to something new and challenging.

Thanks for stopping by!


Gaining Ground on the Dollhouse Project

Today is one heckuva warm day – been this warm for several days. Makes me not want to do anything in the garage or outdoors. I send the Kid out with birdseed and water for the birdbath and regularly send him out to water the strawberries and his peppers. Just too dang hot to be out there long.

So, I opted to move the dollhouse inside. As you may recall, I had started work on a second dollhouse after delivering the first one to my grandniece. If you’ve not seen it, you can see it here.

I’ve mentioned the second doll house occasionally, my first thought was to duplicate much of the work and design from the first one, but as I’ve gotten started, it has quickly become a monster! Here is the second one in early steps:

dscn1423The top shelf was to be a kitchen and the bottom was supposed to have a bedroom and a bathroom. My plans for the kitchen soon outgrew the space and it also bothered me that the part that a little girl would play with was so high off the ground.

My son and I put together the basic construction for my second attempt at this house. Looks like this:


Yes, this would give me the added space that I wanted. So, this morning I listed the first piece on Craigslist and moved the box into its space in the entry way.


The cabinets that I had been assembling was pretty haphazard, working with two different pieces that I found at Hobby Lobby, I just sort of ‘put that here, place that there’ approach. I’ve had to do some trimming and adding to get everything to fit together properly and its just sort of taken on a life of its own!

These are the pieces I found and am using from Hobby Lobby:

649442_1I’ve turn the drawer unit on its side and removed some drawer supports to make the lower cabinets (where the sink is going). The window units became the upper cabinets. Its all just random and I need to reign it in before it becomes too much! They will, in the end, become white and have a actual tile counter. The cabinet between the stove and ‘fridge will have a wood top for chopping. And with mention of the stove and ‘fridge, you can see them in the photo, they are the most perfect shade of turquoise!

Here’s a little better shot:

DSCN1784I had hoped for room for a dining room table, maybe booth style, but now am thinking there really isn’t room. Maybe I’ll do a pub table with stools against the wall? Guess I will see what I find that will work. But the cabinets and ‘fridge will be stocked with polymer food and scaled down boxes and bottles. Attention to detail will be evident.

The bottom portion will be a bedroom and bath. I have most of the required furniture and pieces and it is just a matter of painting walls and installing flooring. There is yet to be an upper room/attic, in this style:

ea7ef63cdedd363d4bbf7a32079fc709I cannot locate the original link for this piece, so if you know it, please send it along (I like to give credit where credit is due.) I like the simplicity of the outside and I am actually thinking that my cabinet exterior will simply be stained, since I used a high grade plywood. Will make it more of a piece of furniture.

UPDATE: A big thanks to a fellow blogger ( I now have the link to the doll house above. You can see it on here.

In case you were wondering, this piece will be for sale in the near future. I just like the planning and execution of an idea. If you’re interested, let me know. I hate to say it, but the price tag for this piece – which will include all the furniture and accessories – will be high. It isn’t often that you will find something like this for sale.

Okay, enough for now. Need to get the first coat of paint onto the cabinets as I’ve gotten it all primed. One day, I will actually get my kitchen and entry way back!

Thanks for dropping by!


I Rounded Third Base and Heading Towards Home!

Okay, baseball metaphors aside, I am seeing the light at the end of tunnel on the special project dresser. I think the perfectionist in me is getting the upper hand lately. (Which isn’t all bad!)

Hopefully, this might clear things up a little:

Creative Path

And if that didn’t help, I’ll explain. Using Photoshop, I copied the flower from the sheets that will soon be on the young lady’s bed. I deleted everything but the flower and the stem and then deleted all the color from the flower. That was the design for the dresser and I used it as a pattern. I drew it on using chalk and then painted the ‘Watery’ blue color around it, leaving the flower in its primer white. Then using several paintbrushes, I carefully repainted the white using the same satin finish. We are so close to the finish line! I just did the last touch ups, now to let the paint cure a day or so. This is a relatively long process as I have to let each color of paint cure in between coats in order for me to really touch it. You cannot be in a hurry!

Tomorrow, I believe I will be ready to put the ‘jewelry’ on the dresser and we’re seriously almost done! I am so excited!! What do you think? Did it turn out okay?

On top of things, we had a little snowstorm this morning and it is seriously impeding my ability to acquire new pieces of furniture! Who wants to be out in the mess? LOL. We did sell the first two batches of doll hangers on eBay (yay!) and I have listed the bed and bedding on Craigslist, want to double list it with eBay as well and see which one might have the best response. I haven’t figured out how to ship the bed as of yet, but it isn’t too heavy but kind of bulky.

Okay, this is headache day number four and I’ve come to the point where I am going to have to give in and go lie down in a dark room. No smelling paint and glue fumes for a day or so. It is getting serious!

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Crafting Y’all!


The Pink Ombre Tradition continues…

I can’t help it! There is a big part of me that wished I had had a little girl (although I wouldn’t give up a minute of my son!) so that I could go over board with pink (and maybe purple) for her. As a compromise, I get to provide the most adorable pieces to other little girls (or their moms!) as I continue to hunt down quality pieces of furniture and do my transformation magic.

The last pink ombre set turned out amazing and sold within minutes (I swear, it seemed like minutes) of posting the ad on Craigslist. And for full asking price! So, when I ran across the ad for this little headboard and foot board set, I knew it was destined to become a matching set as well.

I am always on the scout for dressers, end tables, bed side tables and lately new pieces to use in finishing the Kid’s room. In the same ad, this little cabinet was being offered up, so since I was driving way across Kansas City (and don’t let the Midwest fool you, that was a drive!), I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone.

On a side note, one of these days, I am going to write a blog post about the origins of quirky little saying like that… why would I want to kill two birds? And an added benefit of using only one stone? But I digress. 🙂

I had also picked up a couple of dressers in a furniture run a few days before that, one perfect for the transformation of the pink ombre. It required a fair amount of repair and love, but it is always a labor of love.

So, in all it’s pink awesomeness, here it is the latest results:

Work continues on the Kid’s room, in fact, we’re supposed to be painting walls today, but our heating pump stopped working and we’ve sequestered ourselves in our home office where we have a space heater. If it warms up a bit tomorrow, maybe we’ll be able to paint.

So, there is today’s quick update. At that same time, I picked up this wonderful little piece of history:

I can envision this with a dark turquoise or chocolate finish (for my master bedroom makeover) somewhere down the road. This is one gorgeous piece of furniture, although it too, will require some work.

Well, that’s today’s update. I am happy to have you stop by! Keep on crafting!

Do you know a princess? Are you a princess?

What an eventful weekend!

I’ve told you before about my love of craigslist, haven’t I? I’ve been able to buy and pick up a number of projects and then turn around and after applying my own brand of style and talents have been able to pass those along to others. Well, that and the happenstance of a city wide garage sale this past weekend, resulted in an abundance of project turnaround. And the influx of a little cash (never hurts!).

So let me share with you some of my projects:

I’m really getting good with the ombre style with dressers. And they seem to just to appeal to almost everyone, boys and girls. I’ve done blue and purple and pink and this weekend I’ve completed both another pink and blue. The pink was done, really, to take advantage of the pink paint that I stumbled upon at Lowe’s. What is called “oops paint”.  A quart of very light pink paint, one I would call ‘blush’ that was marked for $2.50 (full price was almost $15.00!). Never one to pass up a bargain, and of course knowing that pink is a favorite of mine and would make a great color for many projects to come.

I have been looking for a vanity for my ongoing master bedroom planning and ran across a cute one for sale on craigslist. Listed for $15, I couldn’t pass it up. Here it is “before”:

There was nothing to help reference the size in the photograph, but it didn’t take long once we were there to pick it up to realize it was a child’s vanity. It’s pretty small. But it was cute as heck and was so cheap that I couldn’t pass it up. So it went home with us.

I darn near tore it down to nothing in trying to restore it, but it was for the best. It think that it had been held together with bubble gum and a strong wish! I thought if I replace the bridge with something a little wider and sturdier and maybe placed feet on it, I would be able to still use it, but it still proved to be too small for my needs.

So a wider, stronger bridge was added, with a nice gentle curve on the back. I added the flower motif on the front, just seems to add a feminine touch.

I had picked up a pretty beaten up mirror at an estate sale weeks ago that I knew would come in handy for just such a project. So it was added with a little brace to the top. And what vanity is complete without a mirror? After a couple of coats of the pale pink paint, I added a single strand of “pearls” to the inside… I thought it added just the perfect extra touch of femininity to the mirror. I am still considering a top coat of sparkles to the rosette edging, but I want to be careful about taking it too far.

Everything got several coats of the pale ‘blush pink’ following a coat of primer. I know that you should use a grey primer for red, so I figured it would be good under pink as well. And considering that I had the majority of a gallon leftover from the red wall in my bathroom, that helped keep costs down. The wood used for the bridge and for the back support was wood that came from play kitchen project and a leaf from one of the two tables that I recently acquired for another project.

The drawer interiors were painted a bold purple (because little girls who love pink usually love purple too!) and the wooded knobs were replaced with a single clear glass knob.

I painted both a small chair and a bench (both free via craigslist) as I wasn’t sure which one would be most suited. I found the most lovely and the ultra-soft fleece (called ‘bubble fleece’) in almost the same pale pink and upholstered both. I think I prefer the bench, but will offer the option of either (or both!).

Here is a close-up of the bench… the proportions turned out perfect!

Love the musical motif on the chair. I may still add some detailing here, something to add sparkle or attention to the unique styling of the seat.

And there it is! Isn’t it just perfect for some little princess? I can’t wait to see the look on some little girl’s face when she realizes that this will be in her room!

So, here is a wrap up of the costs:

Vanity                 $15.00
Mirror                $10.00
Fabric                   $ 6.15
Paint                     $ 2.50
Beads                  $   1.99
Knobs                  $10.00

Grand Total        $45.64

The primer, wood, bench, chair, glue and all the tools I already had and the Kid (my wonderful and strong and helpful son) makes all of it a real pleasure and joy to be able to create this kind of magic! I have it set up in my entryway and have taken photos of it there. I will be able to enjoy seeing it there for the next few days. I love when a plan comes together!

It has been a eventful weekend, I’ve picked up another couple of dressers which I’ve a grand plan in mind for the matching pair. My collecting and work has been spreading out all over the house, so I decided to confine it to the small section of the garage (or at least try!)…

Can you believe how organized this disorganization is? (And how do you like the awesome retro leather chair I picked up this weekend?)

Well, I hope you liked the work I did. And I hope I inspired you to create. Recycle. Upcycle. Whatever you do, love it!

Happy Crafting Y’All!

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