My Recycle Project: Blue Corian, Singer Sewing Base and Metal Chairs

Whew! We’ve finally completed this project. It has been a long time in the making, but I finally was able to get it done with the help of The Kid.

DSCN2792So, you can see the starting point here, but I will give you a quick catch up. Months ago, I picked up several pieces of blue Corian countertops, including a smallish rectangular piece that I think was the counter surface for an island. Wasn’t quite sure of what I was going to use it for, but when something like that pops up on CraigsList, you get it while the getting is good.

I had the sewing machine base from one of our abdandoned house hunting trips and had spray painted it white, sort of as a primer. But once I saw the countertop, I knew it was a match made in heaven. Literally, all I had to do was set the top on the base and I could see something really unique.

Initially I was going to just make and sell the table, but I figured it would be cooler if there were a set of chairs to go with it. I kept an eye on CraigsList and almost like it was scripted, a set of four popped up. Now they needed work (of course they needed work, else they wouldn’t be on CraigsList for free) and I opted to pick them up, thinking I could get two good ones if I used the other two for ‘parts’. As luck would have it, three were salvageable.

DSCN2734After removing the seats, I then spray painted everything with high gloss white spray paint. This was not an easy task. It seemed every time I thought I was done, I would turn it upside down or stand at a different angle and would see areas that I missed. I think I have them completely painted now.

I used the seat that came with the chairs as a template and we used more of the Corian countertop for the seats. The Corian worked much like any hard wood, and we were able to route the edges and drill holes to attach the seats to the chairs.

DSCN2774The one thing that we did notice, however, is that working with the Corian results in a LOT of ‘saw’ dust. The workshop looked like it had snowed!

DSCN2775I didn’t want the seat to sit directly onto the base of the chair seats; since the previous seats were actually upholstered, the flat pieces didn’t exactly line up right with the exposed hardware on the chair.

DSCN2770By having and using the right tools for the job, the project went very well. Here is The Kid using our newest addition to the workshop, the drill press. SUH-weet!

DSCN2790Here he is in the final assembly. Note the nice, smooth, rounded edges. And interestingly enough, by routing the edges (top and bottom), it actually gave the edges a polished finish. Nice, happy accident!

DSCN2789By using some spare hardware(found when reorganizing the garage a week ago), I was able to give it a little more ‘polished’ look. And gave the necessary height for sitting at the table. The final detail was to add rubber ‘feet’ to the chairs, to protect the floors that the chairs would sit on.

DSCN2780More about the table: we had previously cut and glued a 1″x8″ on the back side of the table. Then two supports were added to the top of the sewing machine base, allowing the table top to be bolted onto the counter surface. This could be beneficial for the person or family that buys it, allowing for easier transport. Did I happen to mention that this stuff is heavy! And it has a nice solid feel as well.

The Kid’s help was immeasurably helpful in completing this project, and heck, I just like hanging around with him. 🙂

DSCN2779In between helping him, I was also prep’ing an additional 5 or 6 more projects… here are the drawers all being sanded and hardware holes being filled. The Kid has been tasked with putting the first couple of coats of primer on all of these now that I have gotten the prep work out of the way. All of these pieces of furniture are all wood and it makes the chore of preparation that much easier. Oh, and by the way, real wood pieces are light. I think a lot of people mistakenly think something is more ‘solid’ or more ‘wood’ if the piece is heavy and that generally is not true. What weighs so much is the glue and the layers of particle board or composite wood. Most of these pieces I can move by myself if I take the drawers out ahead of time. Another thing I really like is that some of the older pieces come with wheels attached and you gotta love that!

So, a few more photos as I close this post. If you recall, the third stall of the garage is where my sports car (you can see it in the background of this first photo) is stored once snow has fallen. And I’ve heard that there is an “arctic blast” predicted for the end of November, so I have to get projects done and sold (and delivered) very soon.





DSCN2797Off to get this listed for sale on CraigsList. My kitchen is red (as you may know) or I might be tempted to keep this one for myself!





31.5 x 39

“Before” Pictures of the Kid’s Room Re-Do

It has been a few days since my last post and thought I’d get something up here, just in case y’all think I’ve stopped writing. In fact, have been spending a lot of time and effort and money(!) remodeling the Kid’s room.

When we moved to the midwest about 8 years ago, I spent a lot of time decorating my son’s room. At the ripe old age of 8, he was big into the military and camouflage and we went all out with his room. Two weekends ago, we sorted, organized and cleared out most of the room. We had a garage sale (and he did most of the selling!) and put some things on eBay. Slowly, we’ve been collecting new pieces for the room, painting, building and planning.

So, I will start what will undoubtedly be a very lengthy series of posts detailing it all as I lead up to the big reveal with the “before” pictures”:

Even though I have only one son, the Kid is one to make friends easily and has tons of cousins and relatives, so a bunk bed seemed a natural. I liked the design, incorporating a desk on one end and storage on the other. We invested a decent amount in the bed and two mattresses, we figured he’d be using it for quite some time:

Here’s a shot from the door. He has a pretty decent sized room, although the smallest of the five bedrooms in the house. How does that work? 🙂 His room is almost directly above the master bedroom and I liked the idea of being that close to him.

The bottom bunk had a camouflage comforter (the top was black/tan) atop tan or green sheets. The Kid is also a numismatist, hence the “money” pillows. (A hint of the hand hooked rug I made him… more about that below.) Touches of things camo are everywhere in the room, some you can’t see from these photos. He had a little ‘frig (also painted camo) that provided him cold water. The trash can, filing baskets, and more all round out the camouflage theme.

This is a shot of his desk. This Kid is his mother’s son… a collector and saver. I tried to make sure he had what he needed to keep things organized and neat (or as neat as possible)!

On the opposite wall, I put up lots of shelves. From an early age, he accompanied me on “treasure hunts” – going to estate sales, garage sales and flea markets and prowling antique and thrift stores. He always found treasures. Some were real discoveries and ended up being pretty valuable, some only valuable to him. I tried to not discourage him, just help him keep organized and as clean as he could.

On the door was a hand painted plaque that read “Kid’s Army Base”. It actually doesn’t read “Kid’s”, but I am trying to protect his identity online as much as I can, so even though it does have his name, I am substituting it with “Kid”. 🙂

In one corner, he had a reading nook… I hadn’t gotten the reading light up in this photo. This gives you a good view of the two walls painted camouflage. I did this over the course of a week with three different cans of paint (the fourth color was the existing wall color) and one inch paint brushes. It was a real labor of love. You can see but a corner of the rug I hand hooked for his room too. I will try to get a better shot of it. It was done with thick wool yarn, cut into 4″ pieces and then hooked into a 5′ by 6′ rug canvas. It was nearly 50 skeins of yard – again done in the four colors that matched the wall colors. Considering that in most cases, the yarn was at least $5.99 (sometimes more), this was one expensive area rug. But it is extremely soft and absolutely beautiful in the room. I have thought about doing this again, but when I remember how raw my fingers had gotten and how long it took (not to mention the cost), I do a double take and think that it might be a while before I undertake this again. I may do a post hindsight as to how I approached the design and the nifty tool that was built so that I could cut my yarn from a skein, so that I didn’t have to compromise on the color or weight of the thread I wanted to use.

A photo taken towards his closet. I am lucky in that all of the bedrooms in my house have walk in closets, no sliding doors. The closet is large enough that I outfitted it with three 3-drawer units and he doesn’t have to have dressers in his room, and can have more fun stuff instead. Like this tall shelving unit that displays his collection of antique film and movie cameras (sparked by the inheritance of an old camera owned by his great grandfather).

In the back of the closet, is a secret hidden door. I know that will be a separate post! There is a space in the attic above my bedroom that would be perfect for a “boy cave”. I have planned that space for a long time, but there is so much involved, including framing of a floor, one wall and a ceiling. More about that later.

So, there are the ‘before’ shots. Right now his room consists of his bed (on the trundle frame), his chair and table covered with a paint cloth and my painting tools. The small wall with the window has been painted… the other three walls are getting a lighter color.

Much of the design has been done, a couple of the pieces have been bought and the start of construction is well under way. I’ll add bits and pieces as I go, there is so much to write and seems still so much to do!

Please ask questions or give me hint and tips if you’ve done something similar. I’d love to know about your shortcuts, tips and hints… if I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, I’d love to save the effort!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting Y’All!

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