Rescued Wardrobe… Finished At Last!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you will remember that quite some time ago, I started work on rescuing an antique wardrobe. Well, since my last contract ended, I took the last push and finished it. Put the handles on it last night and wiped down the interior and took the final photos.

DSCN2270So here it is, it all of its black, white and shades of grey. Oh and the smallest touches of turquoise. I think it quite striking and I wish that I had a place to display it and keep it in my home. It is that beautiful. Oh, and did I mention? It weighs like 300 pounds, which means, that me and the Kid gotta pick it up and deliver it somewhere. And if luck holds out, it will be on a second floor somewhere. Whew!

DSCN2269I got lucky and the doors open and close easily, no sticking or creaking. This piece was absolutely a gem in its heyday, it is just too bad that the previous owner left it sit in a garage and made a mess of the walnut veneer. I imagine it was an absolutely gem.

DSCN2271As you can see, the interior escaped most of the damage that incurred on the outside. A thorough cleaning of the interior and the replacement of one trim piece and it sparkles like it must have always.

DSCN2272Last shot, you can see the multiple coats of polyurethane just shine in the evening sun… I just love the way this turned out. I especially enjoy the color scheme that was chosen. The stark contrast of the black and white with the shades of grey are stunning. I debated about the accent color, but in the end, I went with a favorite of mine – a deep turquoise.

If you care to see the previous blogs, you can see them here, here and here.

Now, to get them sold and move on to the next projects… picked up these lovely cabinets thanks to the generousity of a gentleman who only wanted the guts of the old record players. I think these will turn out to be very lovely pieces.


I’ve also started on the third piece of stained glass, after thinking long and hard, it hit me… it has to be my logo for the doll accessories and clothing and furniture that I’ve been creating. Lends itself perfectly to stained glass. I still have to show you the last one I finished, although I think I realized that the image I chose was much too intricate and am not very happy with the way it turned out. But we can talk about that more in the next blog post.


Dressers, Dressers Everywhere!

I think the week before last was bountiful when it came to second hand dressers. At the same time I got the vanities and matching dresser and chest, I also picked up this dresser:

Harrisonville MO

I also picked up another one but of course, in my rush to get things started, I didn’t take a picture of it. But here are the end results:

Curtain Dresser B&A

I think that I have just about worn out the gray ombré paint style. It just doesn’t photograph well. I absolutely LOVE this color combination.DSCN0980

Here is a quick shot of the garage… it’s starting to look a little like a furniture showroom! I have to get some of these pieces sold!DSCN0978

The other thing I need to get serious about is finishing the Kid’s room and giving everyone long overdue reveal. I am very close, it is down to the last details… which for some reason, for me, seem to be the hardest part. Maybe it is just that I am not ready for it to be completed because I don’t have anything waiting in the wings to do be started.

Well, thanks for stopping by. Happy Crafting, Y’All!


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