A Pampered Puppy

While working on the Kid’s room, I had stripped the bed and dropped the old feather topper over the railing down to the first floor landing. Immediately, our dog Ashla, claimed it as her own. We looked up from our work to find her snoozing quite contentedly in the thick, soft topper. I imagine that it was a bonus that it smelled like the Kid.

I had moved it into my home office, for Ashla to snooze while I worked on computers. I covered it with her ‘blankie’ so that she would be happily snuggled. Almost seems that she won’t sleep anywhere but there. With the exception of happily snuggled in bed with me.

I was happy to let her sleep on the feather bed, but it was quite an eyesore. Finally, I decided last night to make a cover for it. I did quite a few a year or so ago for a local animal shelter, so the process was quite familiar. And since it would probably reside most often in the living/dining room/kitchen and my home office area, it would have to be red.

I carried it upstairs to my craft/sewing room to measure and before I could drop it and pick up a tape measure, she had snuggled herself happily onto it. (Please excuse the mess!)


It was pretty quick work to find a soft felt-like material for the sides and back and I simply rummaged through all of my two inch pre-cut strips for all the red patterned material. I had been watching “Howard’s End” on my computer, so sewing was quick work. I used a strip of velcro to allow me to be able to take the feather mattress out and launder the cover.


I’m not sure what she is thinking in this photo! We took it downstairs and I laid her blanket over it and she resumed her happy snoozing. Unlike me, I think she isn’t quite as fond of new things as I am!

Today, we’re trying to finish the Kid’s room and prepare it for the grand reveal. But the weather is cool and overcast, a dull grey day. On days like this I have a tough time getting motivated. I’m surprised I actually got this post written.

Well, thanks for stopping by. And Happy Crafting, Y’All!


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