Miniature Books: A Tutorial

dThe closer I get to finishing something, the more difficult it becomes to concentrate on getting it done. I think I am like this about a lot of thing, not just this dollhouse. There has to be a concerted effort to take the last steps and do the final details. Always. I almost need to have someone who might be able to pay attention to the details for me!

Today, this is a quick tutorial on making books for your dollhouse. Early on, I did a row of books for these book shelves I had initially intended to use in the living room.IMG_4106Here’s a close up of the books on the shelves. Not independent books, but simply printed rows of books. I think that they look okay for the number of books they represent, but when I tried to do this for the bookshelf in the nursery, it just didn’t look right.IMG_4107So I ended up making a bunch of little books, specifically children’s books. I like the way that they are all different sizes and colors!

IMG_4100I made a little tutorial on how to make these books, I sat and did this while watching a movie – so around 90 minutes to two hours to make these. This did not, by the way, include finding the book images and creating the doc. This, I have done for you!Childrens Books and Childrens Books2  and Childrens Books3.

Just using some scrap poster board of foam board, and after cutting out all the images, I paste half of the book image to the edge, about to the half of the spine, leaving the other half unglued.

Then I cut the foam board around the book image and then proceeded to fold the remainder of the book over and line it up to the edge and glue it. It gets easier as you go.

I attempted to make a video tutorial. I’m a little self conscious about it, but I’m going to put it in this post anyway. Maybe based on feedback from you, I can remake it. If it is any good, I will copy it to my YouTube channel. I’ve not done a lot of these, so please be gentle!

So, once you have the books you need, you can place them in your shelf or lay them on table tops. I just sort of jumbled my books into the bookshelf, perhaps like a little one might in trying to put away her books.

Okay, enough for today. And remember!, I’d love all feedback!



The Hallway is Clear!

So, I finally have some clarity and time to write this post. If you’ve been reading, you probably realize that the first of two knee replacement surgeries has been completed. I am writing this from my hospital bed!

I finished up the last of crafting organization, ostensibly to clear all the walking obstructions since I will be using first a walker and then crutches during rehab and recovery.

I have a bad habit of collecting too much whenever I start a new project. So, when I found a very cheap way of getting jewelry supplies, I really overdid it. My initial project to display this was novel idea of using an old typesetter drawer and small glass bottles.

What I found however, was that it didn’t even put a dent the amount of supplies that I had. I’ve been working on more of these in the past months,

DSCN4326And all of this was after I created several more shelving units similar to that first one. But I kept pushing and finally have the majority of it stored. Along with the new cabinet that I made (more later on that project) and got it all moved down to the landing to clear the hallway That effectively leads from the master bedroom to the kitchen.

Checking into the hospital for surgery really threw a wrench into plans, but I think it works for now. Or at least until the majority of my recovery is complete.

Been A Little Quiet

The new job and some other issues have kept me a bit away from my crafting and upcycling. Also, I think I just needed a little break.

This past weekend took us to Witchita to pick up some items from an online auction and we made a day of it – me and The Kid. Its about a three and a half hour drive from our home, so once there, we explored the city a little and had a picnic lunch at a nearby lake and state park. It was gorgeous! The temperature couldn’t have been nicer if I could have made a wish and with a slight breeze blowing it was heavenly. We had a quasi-water ski show with a couple who just spent their time skiing back and forth on our shore… we were quite entertained by the show – especially when he fell!

So, a few things that we picked up that I thought I would share with you:


This was the biggest treasure… with a little work, the plan is to put this in my living room. I love the care and attention that went into building furniture 50, 60, 70 or more years ago. It is why I will only work with all wood pieces, I would hate to to think that work I did wouldn’t last because the basic structure of the furniture wasn’t sound or high quality. This shouldn’t need much work, just replacing some of the missing veneer, and thankfully, I have managed to collect a good chunk from pieces I have worked on it the past. Then a sanding and re-stain. And the little drawer needs to be re-assembled, but nothing major.

Other pieces were just more cut glassware and then this really interesting framed doily in the shape of a peacock and embroidered. I love unique stuff like this… I am planning on finding wall space for it in my sewing room.

510-1Here is a photo of my cut glass find… to add to my ever growing collection:

480-1The plate itself is not my pattern(s) but I have become obsessed with the cut glass/crystal stuff lately. Don’t know what I am going to do with it, but I will figure out something!

Thanks for stopping by!


Can You Tell I Love Red & White?

I finished another quilt and wanted to post it quick to the blog. If you’ve read much of my blog or know me, you know that I am head over heels in love with the red and white color combination. My kitchen, living room and dining room are all done in red and white.

Sometimes that spills over into other things, like my wardrobe. I am just sort of drawn to the color combination.

This time it was a quilt. This was part of that big box I just got back and because it was the biggest one, it waited ’till last. But it didn’t take long to finishing the binding.

And here it is:


I hung it over the deck railing before the big snowstorm, just to get an overall picture. I didn’t realize that the edges had flopped over… I was holding the quilt and The Kid took the photo. I didn’t think to remind him.$_12-1Here it is in all its red and white (and a few other colors) on the guest bed. Can you tell that room is used for much more than guests sleeping? In fact, it currently houses most of the ‘Dolls & Cupcakes’ inventory, quilts waiting to be completed and other craft tools. It is a mess! But that is the great thing about that room, when it is too much to deal with, I simply close the door.

Problem solved!

Thanks for stopping by!


Paint Chip Cards

I have had some extra time on my hands and have been enjoying trying my hand at some new crafting. I had stumbled across something similar to this on Pinterest a while ago and wanted to try this. If this works out as well as I hope, I might try to market this on Etsy. I think there is a time for technology businesses to incorporate handmade and art into their business and I am hoping that something like this might be it.

I have over the course of the past year or so collected quite the collection of paint chips and have tried a number of projects using them. But in doing so, have barely put a dent in the collection. The initial bunch of paints chips were collected honestly, in trying to determine the perfect colors for my (still yet to be started) master bedroom makeover. So, I had quite a selection of green/turquoise/blue and brown color palette, but I dare say that I set out with the intent to add to the collection for the purpose of crafting. I spend quite a bit of money at Home Depot and Lowes, so I hope they don’t object too much.

Ever being the crafter and collector, I rarely throw anything away. And that includes paper. Especially paper. I have quite the collection of weights and colors and styles, some only a single or two sheets, but some I have more. Collected from various companies that I have worked for, stationary stores, estates sales and art stores. And they have made the moves with me all over the states.

So, it was from this collection that I pulled 20 sheets or so of the perfect weight, slightly over-sized, very white paper. Folder in half and trimmed slightly to fit into 6″ x 9″ envelopes, it became the perfect canvas for these small works of art (at least that is the way I like to think of them).

Using a paper cutter (one purchase that I have never regretted) I simply started to cut varying shapes and sizes while I experimented with the paint chips to get the most useable material from them – avoiding the color names and brand logos and white dividing lines. Once I started cutting and trimming, it was almost hypnotic and definitely relaxing. And I only cut myself once!

The first attempt was slow going. Used only the most basic shapes and larger sized pieces.

Then, I started working with angles. Some angles, working cautiously, at first…

…then a little bolder…

…then went nuts! LOL

Then I tried my hand at a monochrome theme.

Then the process started to begin to flow.

More chromatic schemes:

The last one was an attempt to recreate a stained glass pattern, but I wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out. I might give it another shot, and work on the process. Refine it and make it a little cleaner. I think if I make more of a ‘template’ and pre-cut all the pieces, it might work a little better, cleaner, more precise.

At this point, I’ve really used up the better portion of my paint chips – at least all the really ‘good’ colors. I need to pay a visit to my local big box hardware stores to restock. If you know where I might be able to put my hands on them more easily, please share the secret!

Here are all the cards displayed together. I’ve been searching the internet looking for more ideas that I can adapt. In the back of my mind I think that traditional quilting patterns might work nicely as well. I may also work with smaller card sizes, perhaps ‘thank you’ cards or to accompany gifts of quilts.

Thanks for dropping by. And happy crafting y’all!

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