Been a Busy, Busy Weekend!

Ever notice that the more you have to do, the faster time seems to fly? I have been going non-stop for the last three days and I am constantly amazed that every time I glance at the time, hours have passed.

The first of the doll beds has been completed! Wow, who could have guessed something this small could take so much time and effort? The Kid and I spent last weekend following the plans from Ana White’s website – this is an amazing woman and you could spend hours and hours there! I know I have!

Once the bed was assembled and painted, I started the bedding. It has a two inch foam mattress that is padded and covered with a mattress pad. Then sheets, pillow cases (and of course pillows) and a handmade and quilted tiny quilt with matching throw pillows. I am in LOVE with it! So without further ado:


Here’s a close-up of the bedding so you can see the details. I may have gone a little overboard, considering that these are play pieces intended for girls, but I cannot help myself. I am sure that there are grown-up girls that love this stuff as much as me and will appreciate the extra effort. 🙂


We have two more beds close to being completed, one similar to this style in a light blue and a four poster bed that I made using stair posts that will be ‘ultra bright white’ with frilly and lacy sheets and quilt. The design was a bit of an experiment and even though it turned out looking quite nice, the connections of the headboard are a bit in question and I don’t think it would withstand child’s play. So I am going to keep it as a prototype, I think I’ve figured out what I did wrong and can remake it more sturdy. Pictures to follow soon.

Was able to do some more work on the special project. Now since the blue and pinks are completed, I am down to the large flower outline that appears on the front. Previous posts have described the process, I pulled a flower from the bedding and morphed it into a singular stem and transfered that to the leftish side of the front. Up to this point the white was simply the lack of paint (and the primer being white) but I started the process to fill it in with the final white.

The Kid asked me why I was taking the time and extra effort, that to him the primer white looked “fine”. I thought it was worth the explanation and wanted to include it here as well.

Sometimes, white just seems like white. However, it doesn’t take long to demonstrate that there are just so many shades of white (so many shades of every color!)… this is the stack of ‘white’ color paint chip cards that I collected just for Behr paint at Home Depot. And I am sure that I missed a few. These are what I use to match whites for some of the stuff that I do. That’s a lot of whites.

Shades of White

So when I started painting the white onto the dresser, you can see the difference:


Now that might not look like much, but it is like black and white to me! There is also a difference in the finish… primer is pretty flat, but we’re using a satin finish. Again, not much difference when you’re standing there looking at it, but trust me, in the end it is noticeable. It’s all in the details!

So, on top of all of that, I delivered another dresser to a satisfied customer (you can see it here), she had been sick, so I stored it for a while in the garage. I primed four cabinets and most of the corresponding drawers, but only having fixed more than half of them. One dresser had been taped and stored for many years and if you have never seen what tape residue does to a wood finish… yikes! That particular cabinet and all the drawer fronts required so much sanding! My arms ache tonight from the work out! It is destined to get the antique white finish as well, its’ bones are magnificent!

At least the weather was pretty nice for a January winter day… mid-50’s most of the day, although there was a little rain overnight and early this morning. I was able to work in the garage (thank heavens for all the sanding that I did) and the Kid helped me out quite a bit with the prep work.

I spent a fair amount of time and effort last week collecting pieces and then the weekend getting them prepared for painting. Hopefully that means a significant payoff sometime starting the end of this week. Just in time for the mortgage payment! LOL

Okay, fellow crafters, it’s getting late and I know that I won’t have any problems falling asleep tonight. More like lapsing into a coma!

Thanks for stopping by, as always, and Happy Crafting Y’all!


More bracelets… using unique charms.

Been a few days since I last posted, but have been working on getting organized and figuring out what I wanted to do next. I also had a visit from one of my favorite little people, my grandniece “S” (I probably shouldn’t use her name here). I think she has become one of my biggest fans of the crafting and she loves the bracelets I have been making. So, I decided to make one for her.

And since I was making one for her, I have to make one for her little sister. But since she is younger, I decided to make it large pink buttons to make it simple and sturdier.

While I was at it, I finished up my bracelet with the mini-Scrabble tiles. This one was for me and has my son’s name. I like it’s simplicity.

And last but not least, this is a bracelet recycled from Macintosh keyboards. I actually bought non-working keyboards and took them apart. The strap was made from three USB cables braided together and the charms are made from keys from the keyboard, actually two glued back to back.

I need to find a better way to seal the ends of the braid and I wished I’d used sliver jump rings and clasp instead of the copper. I have lots of keys left, so I may try another one.

So that’s it for now, hope your new year is full of special arts and crafts, but mostly special people.

Happy Crafting, y’all!

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