The Quest to Use All of the Denim Continues…

So, I’ve been almost manic about getting through the dozens and dozens of jeans that I have disassembled. I’d say about a third of the fabric itself has been measured and cut into different sizes for futures quilts. I’ve completed about six quilt tops, or rather, almost finished the quilt tops… I’ve left with adding borders to four of them. Two are ready to go to the quilter, well that is once I’ve cut and assembled the backs.

I did actually get two bolts of red flaneel with black mottles (about 20 yards) at half price from my most favorite store in the whole world… Joann’s. If I figured correctly, that should be just about enough for the six that are almost ready for the quilter.

The one I spent the most amount of time on for the past couple of days is this one:IMG_4418-1It may be hard to discern, but those are made by sewing together the hems from all of the jeans that I took apart.

So far, I have started work on quilts that use the hems, the inside seams from the pant legs, the waist bands and the belt loops. Of course there is the fabric, which is the main motivator, but using the other unusual pieces is turning out some very interesting quilts.

Somewhere in the process, I have started adding a small snippet of red denim, as sort of a personal trademark to these quilts. With all of the varying colors of blue along with the whites, blacks and greys, the red really makes a pop. So along with the red flannel backs, these quilts will be great for guys and anyone who really loves a comfy pair of blue jeans!

I have one very large quilt made from the seams. It is absolutely amazing to look at. I had quite a bit of seams remaining and started putting together another quilt, but could tell at the beginning that there wouldn’t be enough for another large quilt. So, I had an idea – two, ideas actually – and went to work.

First. I was looking for something to use for the corners of the quilts awaiting borders. In quilts past, I used pockets for the corners, but that sort of seems overdone in the denim quilting world. And then I had a brainstorm.

I would weave the shorter pieces together, creating a 6″ x 6″ square that would go into each corner of the border. So for three nights, I would sit and weave.

IMG_4399First, I took and sorted the longer pieces (which would be the length) from the shorter pieces which would be the width. Using a piece of wood (it was actually the back of an award I was given in a previous life) and using the large binder clips, lay the seams out.IMG_4400Then I would use ‘Aleene’s Original No Sew Fabric Glue’ to tack first width-wise seam.

IMG_4420I didn’t glue every single connection, but rather tried to keep the glue use to the outside seams. And then the last width seam was tacked.IMG_4401It isn’t hard, but it is time consuming. I could usually finish about four a night, while watching movies. I would simply remove the finished piece from the board, add a couple more of the binder clips and then leave overnight to dry on the kitchen island.

So, now all that is left is to purchase the denim for the borders, add the corners and it will be ready to take to the quilter’s.

Once I finish this quilt I am currently working on, I will have exhausted the majority of the materials that I harvested from the jeans. The last thing – well other than the actual denim fabric itself – are the back pockets. I think I have somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred and fifty pairs of pockets! Just haven’t stumbled over the right use for those just yet. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

You know, I thought that by the time I got to this point, I’d be sick to death of dealing with all of this denim. But I find that I am not and love to work with this medium. I still want to try my hand at making some handbags and back packs. I have a lot of ideas saved off onto my Pinterest boards. I am looking forward to those as well!

Thanks for dropping by!


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