Just One More Homemade Wind Chime

I am in “getting things done” mode lately… in anticipation of spending much time and energy in a few months on my double knee replacement surgery and recovery. As difficult as some things are for me physically now, I anticipate them being much more difficult in the eight to ten weeks following the surgeries. So, I’d like as many projects that I have planned and/or have the supplies to be completed before that time.

I love wind chimes. Of all types and styles, but mostly those that are unique, and those made of unique and/or recycled materials. I am always on the lookout for possible materials for chimes and have a large plastic tub in the garage filled with possibilities. Every once in a while, I find a combination of all supplies needed and I put one together.

Sometime ago, I picked up a box lid filled with chandelier prisms. I knew it would make a beautiful wind chime, in fact, there are so many, I expect to make several. But last night, while being bored, I actually made the base for one chime to use these prisms.

I then drilled holes to match the pattern below:Placement Holes ChimesThere isn’t really instructions, per se, but rather its a hit or miss process. I threaded a strong red crochet yarn in and out of each hole, threading through a single prism, and then used a small bead to secure it. All the way around the base, 12 prisms in all. Then, I returned to the same holes and threaded a small plastic teardrop in between each prism.

At this point, I turned to the hanging portion of the chime. I threaded the same crochet thread through the four inner holes (san the center one) and then ran it up together and tied a knot around a round ring. Then, using more of the plastic crystals, I fashioned a length of of these to make the “clanger” (I have never figured out what that is actually called!) and secured it through the middle hole and up to the same ring, tying several knots at the top.


Its tough trying to photograph this one handed when its dark!

If all of that sounds like a whole ‘lot of confusion, it sort of is! Like I said, this is a process of trial and error and after having created more than a few dozen, I have the process sort of down pat. But each one is always a little different from the last one, and on purpose. I love having each chime have its own personality!

There are several more to be made, and with the next one I will try to do a tutorial. If you have specific questions, please ask them in the comments and I will do my best to incorporate the answers into the tutorial.


Edit: Here is another photo of the chime taken during daylight hours with the help of my son. It almost isn’t better! It’s tough to take good photos of this for some reason:

2015-11-28 14.02.09

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