Strawberries and Sweet Corn: Just Getting Started

Spent the last couple of days trying to get ahead of the rain and the water in the backyard. It seems so weird that in one part of the country there is a multiple-year drought while right here in Missouri, we’ve been deluged by rain and experiencing flooding.

We were lucky to get a couple of days when it didn’t rain, so yesterday, we drove out to HomeDepot and bought quite a few bags of MiracleGro garden soil. We figured we get 6 cubic feet of dirt into the hole it would soak up the excess water and we’d then be ready to transplant the corn that we started. The starts were on the verge of outgrowing the starter pots and not looking too good, so the next day we stuck ’em in the ground. I have a feeling that we tried to plant too many in too small of a space, but hopefully through attrition, we’ll end up with just enough.

2015-05-27 17.14.31Kind of sad looking, huh? I’ll give it a couple of days and then I think things will be better. (Keep your fingers crossed.)

I also picked up another flat of strawberry starts while we were at the HomeDepot. Now that the third year plants are already producing berries, I wanted to fill in some of the bare spots, mostly in front. I had initially wanted to put something down around the outside edges of the patch, so that I could access all four sides, but then after thinking about it a little more, realized that I still wouldn’t be able to reach the middle. So instead, I opted to place stepping stones into the patch.

At the end of the last year, The Kid and I stirred up a few batches of quick setting cement and made stepping stones with dog paws in the middle. We had started making them in anticipation of planting a tree for our dog that we lost year before. We were going to burying her ashes under an ash tree and then place the dog print stepping stones out to the tree and maybe around it.

Somehow, we got distracted or busy with other things and we only poured 8 of the stepping stones. One actually still is in the form! So, we pulled those out and set them into the strawberry patch.2015-05-27 17.14.15I placed one at each corner-ish and one sort of centered. That should give us adequate access to all the plants without having to step in the soil or on a plant. Once the stones were placed, we then planted the starts. That went pretty easy and quickly.

Rain has been forecast for the next couple of days. Hopefully it won’t be too hard or too much. The yard is one big soggy mess and I think I have had enough of the gloom. I am ready for sunshine!


PS…for those interested, I am not being paid for nor sponsored in any way for the mention of any products or stores in this post. I just like the way that these particular products work and want to share with you!

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