Bathroom Makeover – A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have about a half dozen projects in progress, but nothing completed. I have been going through photos and ran across a project that I did for my son in our house in California. the house was new when we moved in (and was my first place as a homeowner) and it was pretty “builder” standard. As a new homeowner and a new mom – the Kid was not quite a year old – I had a lot of expenses and had no idea where to start in decorating my new place. My son’s nursery was just transferred from our old house since I had spent a lot of time and effort on planning it – it was crayola themed. I’ll add photos here soon.

It always seemed easy to decorate for the Kid, so I decided to do something for the Kid’s bathroom. The house allowed for him to have his own bathroom, so I was able to decorate it specifically for him. I went wild with the Winnie the Pooh theme. On every wall and even the ceiling was something Pooh themed. It didn’t require a new paint color for the walls or new flooring or lighting, just a shower curtain, towels and wall decals.DSCN0772





DSCN0781This is the ceiling! I told you, Pooh every where!

It worked for a while… but then the Kid started to get older and I grew tired of the theme. I had started to decorate other areas of the house, painting and building and tiling and I thought it was time to do a makeover to this room. I knew it was destined when I came across a cast iron tub with a left hand spout (which is how his bathroom was setup) on sale for $50! It was a $900 tub for $50! You tell me if this is destiny or what?

So, I ripped the bathroom out down to the studs. The bathroom had one of those all-in-one fiberglass tub things and I don’t know about you, but I really dislike them. They are cheap and at first, they look nice, but you can’t scrub them without removing the top layer and they don’t stay looking clean and new for very long. I would happily replace every tub in my house with cast iron – even better, cast iron claw-foot tub. But I digress.

So, I had started quilting a few years earlier and had run across this playful underwater, sea-type pattern that I thought would translate well into a tile pattern. So I set about collecting the necessary tiles in all the colors. This turned out to be so much fun. It took two days to cut all of the tiles, over 1,000 of them in 17 colors. I laid them out on the garage floor and moved them into the bathroom in 2′ x 2′ squares to apply it to the wall. I had so much fun just working on it… took a few days off from work and over a couple of weekends completed it and grouted it. Used black glass ceramic circles for the eyes and had the insets for the bathtub for shampoo and soap. I bought a child sized toilet so that it would be easier to potty train the Kid when the time came. I also laid a new floor and in hind sight wished I had chosen a different tile. I wanted to make it seem that when you were in the bathroom, you were underwater and looking up at the sky… so the ceiling was painted a light blue and I installed a light fixture that looked like the sun. I wished that I had laid a tile that looked like sand or the bottom of the sea.

It all turned out so wonderfully. I had planned to place a half a sheet of glass with a custom edge to look like a wave for a shower deflector instead of a shower curtain but as it turned out, I made the decision to move from California and the house and didn’t have a chance to buy and install it. I think that the Kid had a chance to take one bath before we accepted an offer and sold the house.










I put so much heart and work into that design that I didn’t have the heart to try and reproduce it in our new home. I based his new bathroom off a painting that the Kid did in fourth grade which just happened to be of fish in an underwater setting, but I think it might have been coincidence. I’ll have to take some photos and post them.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed seeing my walk down memory lane… and my stab at bathroom decorating!

Keep crafting y’all!


About MacCupcake

Obviously, a big Mac fan (my first Mac was the first Mac) and mother to the most awesome kid in the world. A techno-junkie and self-proclaimed geek... I love anything and everything relating to computers. Addicted to collecting Pyrex! Also love making things and figuring out how to make or adapt existing stuff into something new! Always ready to try something new!

6 responses to “Bathroom Makeover – A Trip Down Memory Lane

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    infos. I’d like to see more posts like this .

  2. zachandclem

    Wow, those fish look great!

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors and the fish rug was a cute touch

  4. Hi dear, fantastic weblog you have! Keep up this great job and I’ll subscripe your site in the future. Thnx for doing this great job!

  5. What amazing job, especially with all the cutting, I imagine you had to have a good tile cutter for those! I love how you had the idea for sand and sky with your tiles and paint, what a shame you didn’t get to finish it before you sold your home.

    • I actually rented a tile saw from Home Depot. I set about making all the cuts over the course of two days, and renting the saw was more than worth it! It truly was a labor of love and one of the first tile projects I did. I never seem to do anything in moderation! Thank you for your kind words!

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