Three More Projects Completed!

Took a few days off from writing, had some productive days and some interesting things happen. Waiting to hear back on some news, but I am a firm believer in jinxes, so I won’t say anything more. I am sure that I will share with this blog the minute I hear anything.

Finished another couple of projects and started a few more. I’ll start with the finished ones. 🙂

I was contacted by a woman through Craigslist. I have an ad that asks for old, broken or unwanted dressers. Another ad looking for a headboard (maybe a footboard) for my ‘client’ Mason. Anyway, she was taking care of a house rental for her son and the previous tenants had moved out and left a couple of pieces of furniture. Some she kept, but called me about two of the pieces. The first was this amazingly ugly dresser/armoire combination. Decked out with grass wallpaper on the doors and this heavy duty baluster-type decoration running up the sides. I think that it was so ugly that I needed to get it changed quickly… so as usual, I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture. But this looks a little like what it looked like, so I will use this as a jumping off point:


The headboard, if it was possible, was even uglier! It had this three-d configuration and it displayed these large wooden balusters (for lack of a better word) separating the two pieces. I’ve removed them and am storing them in the garage… they are just so ugly they are intriguing… I am sure that they will become something in the future!


To top it off, the one piece that wasn’t wood, had water-swelled apparently each place that a glass had been placed. The entire thing was wood with the exception of this one piece, so, as I looked at it, I could see that there was a way for it to be reconfigured into something beautiful. But the headboard is another post.

So, this woman offered us these pieces just for pickup and removing them… I think she didn’t actually have a way to cart them to Goodwill or a dumpster, and I figured this was a way to get usable pieces for repairs down the road. As the dresser thing stood, it was so ugly, that I had a tough time seeing anything else in it! So, I took off the doors and saved the four drawers in the upper cabinet. Then using a jig saw, I cut the armoire top off, a few inches above the drawer section. Then, with the help of the Kid, we cut a new top and I routed the edges. I had found this awesome trim wandering the aisles of Home Depot and I knew that it was perfect to use here.

Of course, I had to use my favorite black – Deep Space black. I replaced the ‘chippendale’ style handles with my favorite slim black handles. Looks so much more sophisticated. I suppose there is a place for those old handles, but I have seen so many pieces of furniture with those, I couldn’t stand to see any on the pieces that I do. So, here is the finished piece:



I figure that it would make an excellent television console, with drawers useful for storing movies or remotes or whatever. It isn’t a bad piece of furniture, but it isn’t a great piece either, so I will price it pretty low and hope it goes quickly. I like the idea of just getting it done and it being a success.

The next piece is one of those ‘stumble-upon’ pieces. I had gone to pick up an old walnut armoire from a gentlemen and underestimated its size, but he also had this piece. It actually was headed for a burn pile (his words) as it had some damage and the mirror that went with it was missing part of its frame. I offered him twenty dollars for it and he jumped at it. Looking back, I think I could probably have gotten it free if I had just suggested it or maybe five or ten dollars, but overall it was a beautiful piece that just need some TLC. Again, I forgot the before picture. 😦

But this was a pretty quick turnover, I used the broken back piece as a template and cut a new board, sanded and primed the piece and re-attached it. Then everything needed glue and nailing to make it all as good as new again. Then a few coats of blush pink (following priming) and some beautiful flower shaped off-white handles and viola!, it’s ready to make some little girl’s room special. It is so easy to bring back the beauty of furniture like this, back in this time, the furniture was all wood, cut and shaped by hand and the attention to detail is obvious.



The mirror that originally accompanied it did seem a bit large to me and I still have it, cannot for the life of me figure out how I am going to recreate a frame for such an oddly shaped mirror. For now it rests safely in my room, waiting on a solution. If you know how I should approach this, I would love your help!


Another simple paint restoration project. I just needed to sand down the top, prime it and paint it. This was one of the pink ombré finishes, was in a real pink mood this week. I found these wonderful ceramic knobs on clearance at Pier 1, but the original finish was seriously ugly. Probably explains why they were still in stock and on sale for a mere forty-nine cents! I brought them home and spray painted them high gloss white and when they were dry, I used one of my Elmer’s paint pens to place random pink dots on each of them. Turned out fantastic! Even if I have to say so myself.

Dresser with Legs Before&After

Ton of stuff still to do, always seems like when I finish one project, I pick up two new ones. I have been working on another doll bed (this one in yellow) with a matching dresser or nightstand. I also have that giant walnut wardrobe in the garage just beckoning me to start work on it. It and the antique sofa and chair sitting in the basement waiting on being able to purchase the $500 worth of upholstery fabric that I need to complete it.

So, happy that you’ve stopped in. And stuck around long enough to get all the way through!

So Happy Crafting Y’All and come back soon!


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Obviously, a big Mac fan (my first Mac was the first Mac) and mother to the most awesome kid in the world. A techno-junkie and self-proclaimed geek... I love anything and everything relating to computers. Addicted to collecting Pyrex! Also love making things and figuring out how to make or adapt existing stuff into something new! Always ready to try something new!

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  1. Merci pour ce joli blog. C’est tres bien.

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