And The Final Touches Have Been Added!

So the hardware went onto the special project dresser and I am calling this complete and a success! I will let the pictures do the talking:




And let me just say that I think that it has turned out pretty awesome. 🙂 I hope that Danielle is as pleased, but more importantly, I hope that Danielle’s daughter is pleased not only with the dresser, but the whole theme of the room. I’d say that this is one lucky little girl! Perhaps when the room is completed, I can convince Danielle to share a few photos of the whole room with us.

I also managed to finish another little project, one in my all time favorite color:


Of course, you all know my fondness for red! This little black and red number just pops! I love the transformation of a tired little piece to something that will take center stage in whatever room it ends up.

I have a number of pieces that I’ve been working on over the past week in my tried and true black & gray ombré theme. I’ve actually had people on Craigslist contact me and request pieces. As long as it continues to sell, I will continue to paint it! The Kid helped me tonight redrill holes for handles, seems that between mid-century and now, the handle distance has widened, from two and a half inches to three and a half. So much of the new hardware I order requires new hole configurations. Just one more step to fill old ones and drill new ones. Once I have those installed, I will throw a quick photo up here on a post.

I also managed to snag a beautiful all-wood dresser in a Goodwill! I think it was just chance or good luck. I was told that they had just put the dresser on the floor minutes before I walked in (and I wasn’t even looking for a dresser there) and that they never last long. This one had ‘good bones’ but Lord it was beat up and rode hard. Someone had wrapped clear tape around it which looked like it had been there for years and it required nearly sanding it to the raw wood to remove the residue. It also got beautiful ‘new’ old hardware and will show it off tomorrow as well.

Been a long, cold day and I am tired, so I will say goodnight early. Something about really cold weather and snow that just wears me out!

Thanks for dropping by! As always… Happy Crafting Y’all!


I Rounded Third Base and Heading Towards Home!

Okay, baseball metaphors aside, I am seeing the light at the end of tunnel on the special project dresser. I think the perfectionist in me is getting the upper hand lately. (Which isn’t all bad!)

Hopefully, this might clear things up a little:

Creative Path

And if that didn’t help, I’ll explain. Using Photoshop, I copied the flower from the sheets that will soon be on the young lady’s bed. I deleted everything but the flower and the stem and then deleted all the color from the flower. That was the design for the dresser and I used it as a pattern. I drew it on using chalk and then painted the ‘Watery’ blue color around it, leaving the flower in its primer white. Then using several paintbrushes, I carefully repainted the white using the same satin finish. We are so close to the finish line! I just did the last touch ups, now to let the paint cure a day or so. This is a relatively long process as I have to let each color of paint cure in between coats in order for me to really touch it. You cannot be in a hurry!

Tomorrow, I believe I will be ready to put the ‘jewelry’ on the dresser and we’re seriously almost done! I am so excited!! What do you think? Did it turn out okay?

On top of things, we had a little snowstorm this morning and it is seriously impeding my ability to acquire new pieces of furniture! Who wants to be out in the mess? LOL. We did sell the first two batches of doll hangers on eBay (yay!) and I have listed the bed and bedding on Craigslist, want to double list it with eBay as well and see which one might have the best response. I haven’t figured out how to ship the bed as of yet, but it isn’t too heavy but kind of bulky.

Okay, this is headache day number four and I’ve come to the point where I am going to have to give in and go lie down in a dark room. No smelling paint and glue fumes for a day or so. It is getting serious!

Thanks for dropping by! Happy Crafting Y’all!


Been a Busy, Busy Weekend!

Ever notice that the more you have to do, the faster time seems to fly? I have been going non-stop for the last three days and I am constantly amazed that every time I glance at the time, hours have passed.

The first of the doll beds has been completed! Wow, who could have guessed something this small could take so much time and effort? The Kid and I spent last weekend following the plans from Ana White’s website – this is an amazing woman and you could spend hours and hours there! I know I have!

Once the bed was assembled and painted, I started the bedding. It has a two inch foam mattress that is padded and covered with a mattress pad. Then sheets, pillow cases (and of course pillows) and a handmade and quilted tiny quilt with matching throw pillows. I am in LOVE with it! So without further ado:


Here’s a close-up of the bedding so you can see the details. I may have gone a little overboard, considering that these are play pieces intended for girls, but I cannot help myself. I am sure that there are grown-up girls that love this stuff as much as me and will appreciate the extra effort. 🙂


We have two more beds close to being completed, one similar to this style in a light blue and a four poster bed that I made using stair posts that will be ‘ultra bright white’ with frilly and lacy sheets and quilt. The design was a bit of an experiment and even though it turned out looking quite nice, the connections of the headboard are a bit in question and I don’t think it would withstand child’s play. So I am going to keep it as a prototype, I think I’ve figured out what I did wrong and can remake it more sturdy. Pictures to follow soon.

Was able to do some more work on the special project. Now since the blue and pinks are completed, I am down to the large flower outline that appears on the front. Previous posts have described the process, I pulled a flower from the bedding and morphed it into a singular stem and transfered that to the leftish side of the front. Up to this point the white was simply the lack of paint (and the primer being white) but I started the process to fill it in with the final white.

The Kid asked me why I was taking the time and extra effort, that to him the primer white looked “fine”. I thought it was worth the explanation and wanted to include it here as well.

Sometimes, white just seems like white. However, it doesn’t take long to demonstrate that there are just so many shades of white (so many shades of every color!)… this is the stack of ‘white’ color paint chip cards that I collected just for Behr paint at Home Depot. And I am sure that I missed a few. These are what I use to match whites for some of the stuff that I do. That’s a lot of whites.

Shades of White

So when I started painting the white onto the dresser, you can see the difference:


Now that might not look like much, but it is like black and white to me! There is also a difference in the finish… primer is pretty flat, but we’re using a satin finish. Again, not much difference when you’re standing there looking at it, but trust me, in the end it is noticeable. It’s all in the details!

So, on top of all of that, I delivered another dresser to a satisfied customer (you can see it here), she had been sick, so I stored it for a while in the garage. I primed four cabinets and most of the corresponding drawers, but only having fixed more than half of them. One dresser had been taped and stored for many years and if you have never seen what tape residue does to a wood finish… yikes! That particular cabinet and all the drawer fronts required so much sanding! My arms ache tonight from the work out! It is destined to get the antique white finish as well, its’ bones are magnificent!

At least the weather was pretty nice for a January winter day… mid-50’s most of the day, although there was a little rain overnight and early this morning. I was able to work in the garage (thank heavens for all the sanding that I did) and the Kid helped me out quite a bit with the prep work.

I spent a fair amount of time and effort last week collecting pieces and then the weekend getting them prepared for painting. Hopefully that means a significant payoff sometime starting the end of this week. Just in time for the mortgage payment! LOL

Okay, fellow crafters, it’s getting late and I know that I won’t have any problems falling asleep tonight. More like lapsing into a coma!

Thanks for stopping by, as always, and Happy Crafting Y’all!


Quick Update on the Special Project

The third coat of blue went on the cabinet and drawers of the special project dresser and finally the color is really coming out! I think that this does it for the blue. Now onto completing the painting of the flower on the front and I should be approaching the finish line. Then it can cure for a bit until Danielle is ready for it. I can’t wait to show it off! I really love the contrast of the blue and the pink, I think, because they are not the standard blue and pink that seems to be used most often.

I went this morning early to pick up an antique armoire that was advertised on Craigslist. Unfortunately, it was too large to fit into the back of my little Tribute, so I will have to return later with our pickup truck. While I was there, though, he had another piece, a very sweet little dressing table with a mirror that was going to need some serious repair and love. I bargained him down to $20! This did fit nicely into the back of ‘Joe’ (the name of my Mazda Tribute). And while we were looking for all of the pieces of the mirror frame, I uncovered in the “trash” pile an awesome little pedestal table base, not for a dining table, but perhaps a side table. I asked if I could take that and he produced the table top and handed them to me! It really is true, one man’s trash in another’s treasure!


Everything I picked up today (along with this grand armoire) is solid wood and solid construction. It was simply years of neglect that has caused seams to come loose and the finish to degrade. I am anxious to get started on this as well.

It seems that I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. If only the weather were to cooperate for more than a day or two so I could work in the garage. Yesterday the high was around 17 degrees, yet tomorrow it supposed to be in the 60’s! But imagine that a day or two later that it will return to cold and maybe snow, as I heard a large cold storm front is supposed to hit the midwest. Sigh.

I was able to get the first set of doll hangers completed and listed for sale. We’re doing a little experiment to see what works best, as I have them listed on Craigslist, eBay and Hopefully, this will be successful for us, as this is really the Kid’s project – he keeps the profits! Check them out here!

So, this will be a quick post, as I have so much to get done today! Thanks for stopping by!

And as always, Happy Crafting Y’All!


Yellow Ombré! Sunny and Cheery!

What people learn about me, is that I love to do just about anything, just dislike intensely having to re-do something. And that is what is happening here. Spent the better part of two hours writing the blog and yet, in a blink of an eye, it disappeared and I hadn’t saved it before publishing. Now I have to re-write it. Grrr.

The first piece completed is this cute tall cabinet with five drawers. I finally broke out of the routine of the black/gray and pink ombrés and am very happy how this sunny yellow works on this piece. There is a very subtle shift in the shades to make it flow very nicely. I reduced the visual clutter on the front by only adding a single knob on the slim top drawer, as each drawer already has a built-in drawer pull.

Yellow Ombre Before & After

The next piece was a treasured find. The first edit of this post had a well thought out discussion around the finding of this piece and perhaps, at another time I will feel the urge to come back and regurgitate those thoughts again.

For now, I will tell you that I found this little piece quite accidently and happily. A solid piece with those required ‘good bones’, it received a quiet little transformation, destined to grace the room of a little girl. So, the cabinet was painted a very pale shade of pink, one of my favorite shades. And the top received a pink just a few shades darker. And to add the ‘jewelry’ to the dresser, simple glass knobs… and viola!:

Pink Childs Dresser B&A

A quick update on the special project: The cabinet and the drawers have gotten their first coats of ‘Watery’ blue. This is a different brand of paint, provided by the client, and thus far, am not overly happy with it. The Behr premium paint that I have been buying comes with a built in primer and makes it thicker and gives a more rich color in less coats. I fear that the result of the first coat is going to require more than I normally have to apply. In order to acheive the rich ‘Begonia’ pink on the top, it took no less than 4 coats.


The drawers have gotten two coats and the richer color is obvious. I have painted around the outline of the flower, you can see it talking shape below:


I pulled this flower shape directly from the sheets that are being used on the bedding in the room. Can you see it? I still have to purchase and paint the flower, right now it is absent any color (what you see if the primer). I want it to have the same full painted feature as the rest of the dresser.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 5.28.43 PM copy

I went on endlessly about more things, but right now I am not in the mood to try and recall all of it. Frustrated by the disappearance of more than a thousand words and a few more photos has me being brief.

Thanks for dropping by! And as always, Happy Crafting Y’all!


Work Continues on the Special Project

Once again, the temperatures in this part of the country have dipped below freezing. On Saturday, we enjoyed temps in the high 60’s, nice enough to work out in the garage with the door open! But as it is popular to say in this region, if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it will change! Well, I guess that works in reverse as well, so when the weather is good, you really have to take advantage of it.

I completed work on another beautiful dresser and there is quite a story behind this one. I was contacted via Craigslist by a guy who had been left high and dry by his girlfriend (and her five children) and left nearly everything behind in their shared rented house. But not before nearly destroying the house. Anyway, he was looking to try to recoup some of the money he was going to lose in deposits and damages and wanted to sell off whatever furniture had been left behind. So me and the Kid trooped off to take a look.

Most of it wasn’t of very good quality, but there were some salvageable pieces. The only problem was that he had caught me in a tight spot with money, I didn’t have much cash on me and wouldn’t have any until I made a sale. I told him I could come back in a couple of days, he even offered to trust me to take some pieces and come back with cash. There are some good guys still left in the world.

We had shown up with my little truck though, and to get everything that I was considering, we’d not only need the pickup, but maybe a big truck. I told him that I had a ten spot in my pocket he offered the big dresser from one of the bedrooms. I had a photo from our correspondence, but once again, I didn’t keep it or take a ‘before’ picture before jumping into its restoration. Just trust me that this piece had gone through some abuse before I was able to rescue it. (He had arranged for someone else to take the rest of it, when me and the Kid returned a few days later.)

I was really happy how I was able to replace missing trim that I saved from the other dresser that I rescued (you can see it here) which although not exactly the same, was the same style. I had removed the trim from around one drawer as it had disappeared from the top and one side of the top drawer, and it proved to be very helpful in restoring the trim on the top drawer. The finish had just been beat and scratched and dented and it took no less than 6 coats of primer to cover the marker or paint that had been used to draw on the top of it. I actually used the same antique white paint that I did on the other dresser and it, again, didn’t fail to impress.

So, without further ado:

2nd Draped Dresser

Didn’t it turn out gorgeous? I swear, most of these I really want to just keep! I would totally do this for my own room, if and when I get ready to redecorate.

Worked a little more on the special project dresser, fully primed:

SP1 Primed

…chalked in the outline for the flower:

SP1 Outline

…and the took out the top drawer and taped off to paint the top of the dresser. Using the ‘Begonia’ pink paint for the top and I think that the base cabinet is going to be the ‘Watery’ blue and flower shape in white. (See the color scheme here.) I will provide more detail as I get closer to reveal about the work with the flower and getting the shape onto the dresser.

I also primed and started work on two more dressers – one to be in yellow ombré and the other in a soft pink with a darker shade of pink on top. Seems I can’t keep any inventory these days and but trust me, I am not complaining!

The Kid had the day off for MLK Day, so last night and this morning we spent working on the doll furniture that we started a few nights ago. We’ve completed one bed and dresser – sized for 18″ dolls – and all I have to do is to make bedding (mattress, sheets, quilt and a pillow or two.

Here is the Kid working:DSCN1125

And here is a shot of the bed I am working on:

Garage Sjpt 2

We actually hauled out the big tools – a band saw and a belt sander – and it was well worth the effort. I enjoy having good tools to work with. I just wished I had a real workshop to work in, so I wouldn’t have to always be putting things away and then having to drag them out each time I want to work.

Okay, need to spend some time in my sewing/craft room working to complete the linens for the completed bed. We’re going to be doing some investigation as to the best way to market these pieces; we’re considering Craigslist, eBay and Etsy. Actually, I might also list on (billed as “Like Craigslist, but for dolls”). Hopefully this will be a successful venture in addition to the furniture. All I know is that I am keeping busy, busy, busy!

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look! Happy Crafting Y’All!


A Little More Catch-Up

Seems these days I am busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest. Ha! (Something my Dad used to say!)

You’ve been seeing the larger projects as they are completed, but there always seems to be little projects that slip under the radar. So while paint is drying and ink is curing and things are generally still for a few minutes, I thought I would get a few more things written.

The black/gray ombré continues to be a very hot commodity. I have loved it from the start, but a person needs a break, even from something you love! I picked up five shades of yellow this afternoon… can’t wait to get started with that!

In the meantime, I met a very nice woman who had inadvertently turned her living room into a furniture storeroom. She only had very nice, small pieces – chairs, tables, side tables, shelves – and pretty old, but in pristine condition. I answered a Craigslist ad for a chest and without really realizing it, it wasn’t the normal dresser size pieces I was used to. But since she sold it to me at a very good price, I thought I’d give it a shot.

Of course, I forgot to take a before picture and somehow didn’t even keep the Craigslist photo. I thought I had been getting better about this! 😦 But here is the ‘after’ picture:


It’s a nice little piece, perfect for a home office… which is where it went in its new owner’s home. Nice little compact size seemed to be very popular, I had no less than 5 offers for it! When all was said and done, it was the first person to show up with cash!

A couple of days later, I ran across an ad for a similar cabinet, and repeated the process. Finished today and about ready to list it. I think it turned out nice as well, and again is a perfect little size for a printer to sit on and would hold paper and office supplies. Add a little pizzazz to a space.

Little Black&White2 Before&After

This piece took a whole lot more work than I am normally accustomed to doing. On the surface it looked okay and I knew I would be in for a bit of sanding, but it turned out that nearly all five drawers almost had to be glued and repaired, plus the bottoms all required replacing. And it was missing the little kick plate on the front. But in the end, I think it turned out gloriously. I just love the slim, modern handles.

There was another small cabinet, more standard dresser size. A fairly standard remake, this one only required a bit of gluing and a new back (how does the back of a dresser get damaged?) but sanding, priming and a couple of coats of my favorite black and grays and viola! it, too was done.

LittleDresser B&A

Each time I finish one of these pieces with the black/gray ombré, I vow to take a break from it for a while. But it seems to be a favorite and at the end of the day, the primary purpose is to finish furniture that appeals to people and then sell it to them. And this combination seems to sell well.

I picked up the final paints for the special project that I am working on for Danielle. And now that the final primer coats have taken care of the blue outlines on the drawers and a flower shape has been roughly designed, I am ready to tackle the primary coats of paint. I am excited about how this is going to turn out… here is the photo of the inspiration dresser:


Danielle is using the colors from Sherman Williams, called Teen ‘Glam’ and I have come to really like them:

SherwinWilliam Colors

I have a little creative license to chose which colors I use, but I know that whatever color combination, it will be making a real statement when it is done. Here it is primed:


This also shows that I filled in half of the holes for knobs, as I’ve chosen this beautiful knobs to replace the outdated ones that were on it:


Just waiting on their arrival via eBay. I love eBay and Craigslist both for different reasons, but without them, I think I would be lost. 🙂

Okay, that about gets me caught up, with the exception of the doll projects that me and the Kid have in the works… which includes hangers and the first of the bed series. And of course, I always have multiple dressers in the works and also my sewing room is the location of quite a few doll outfits as well. A million things in progress, always so hectic. But that wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t. 🙂

Okay, gotta run get materials to create miniature mattresses. Glad you could stop by!

And as always, Happy Crafting Y’All!


I Think I’ve Lost My House! (To My Crafts!)

Today is a story of what happens when you start to get successful!


Well, that and the weather is unbearably cold and you can’t work in the garage!


These are shots of my kitchen, living room and front entryway. They are the only place I have to work since it is too cold to work in the garage.

I have about five projects in the works and several more waiting in the garage. I love it that this is really starting to pay off. I love the creativity and the search for pieces and seeing my ideas turn into reality. Even better, knowing that they will sell and spend their lives in some little girl’s bedroom, some couple’s room or home office or wherever in homes. That people will use and cherish and love the pieces for years to come.

One of the pieces I am working on is for a very special little girl. I don’t think she knows it’s coming, or if she does, doesn’t know to what extent. Her mommy really loves her… the details that she has thought of demonstrates that. From the careful selection of colors to the specific pieces of furniture and attention to every last detail. I will provide updates and the unveiling of the piece here in this blog as I work. Maybe if Danielle (this is mommy!) let’s me, she’ll share the room when it is done. 🙂

So, today I worked to get all the pieces primed. Not too big of a job, but on two drawers there was an original blue outline detail that seems to defy primer. I’ve already given it four coats and you can still see the faint outline:


I gave these two drawers yet another coat of primer and hopefully that will take care of it! Also got the first coat of primer on the dresser, all the little curves and layers make for a little challenge, but nothing I cannot manage. It may take at least one more coat to cover all the bumps and bruises that it collected in its previous life.

While I had the primer out, I was able to get the first coat on another dresser I picked up. It coincidentally matched the style of a tall dresser, a highboy, that I done earlier (you can see it here) and will offer it to the woman who bought it. It is such a beautiful style, I figure it is somewhere around 60 – 80 years old, back when furniture was hand crafted and a real art. And built to last. And even though it had been damaged and disrespected by the people who had it last, because it was so well constructed that damage was really only surface.


Oh, almost forgot! There is one other project that we have in the works. I say ‘we’ because this one involves the Kid. I am trying to get him to kind of assume the lead and most of the responsibility because I think it would be a great way to get him involved in a business of sorts and I want him to understand the connection between cost of materials, involvement of labor and the end price as well as profit. Sometimes I think I make it look too easy for him, shielding him from the minutiae of all the business details.

The project is building doll beds. The size for American Girls, Journey Girls, Madame Alexander and Our Generation – among countless others. Maybe more furniture in the future. The bed comes first. We take a standard set of directions and build it. Then switch out materials, making it more conventional or antique style. First one will be the antique white that I have grown fond of and then experiment with other colors. I, of course, will be working the bedding and mattress. We’ll work on packaging and advertising later. Its a bit exciting (for me more than the Kid) at least in the beginning, but I think he will see the value in all of this as we move along. Watch for updates right here!

Okay, have a ton of stuff to do still. Gotta get moving!

Thanks for dropping by, as always and Happy Crafting Y’All!


Where The Customer is King :-)


Last week I had finished a piece in my signature style of ombré  – beautiful hues of blue – when a buyer who had come to look at a piece done in black and gray (the one next to it) caught site of it.

He wanted the blue one, but in black and gray. I would have to repaint it. The one thing that I have learned about myself is that I love doing the work, just not a fan of re-doing the work. Ha.

But when he pulled a crisp hundred dollar bill and handed to me, I knew he was serious. So I was too! I mean, after all, the main reason in finding the dressers and painting them was to earn money while I am between contracts! So who was I to say no?

It was easy, all the pre-work had already been done. So it was just a matter of bringing it in, removing the hardware and repainting everything. And then putting the hardware back on. The black and grays went on nicely over the blues, two solid coats and a couple of days of curing time. And viola!, just as pretty as you please.

So, here it is, Before, After and After:

Garrison Before&After&After

Just a quick post today, lots to do. Will catch you up soon!

Happy Crafting Y’All!


Results From My V.P. Of Manufacturing!

A little different twist to today’s post. This is something that the Kid is doing. For me, yes, but I put him in charge and it is his idea and implementation. I’m call him my “V.P. of Manufacturing“. LOL

Recently, I wrote about a lady that I remembered from my childhood who opened up her basement and sold Barbie clothes to the little girls in the neighborhood. Memories from childhood are a powerful thing. And even though little girls aren’t likely to start dropping by my house on a regular basis, I loved the idea of sewing doll clothes and selling them for a reasonable price to the young ladies who are in love with their dolls.

Again, this recent post explained that I was excited by the prospect of not having to sew the tiny little seams and sleeves and waistbands of Barbie and her clan, but for a little larger doll introduced to me by my grandnieces. American Girl dolls are 18” tall and that makes sewing for them really a lot of fun. Not only are their clothes easy to assemble, but also not too big that I have to deal with large amounts of fabric, elastic, etc. There is something magical in the world of miniatures. 🙂 And a fat quarter works nicely for knocking out a couple of pairs of pants or tops and most things only require velcro for closures. Not itty bitty button holes (unless I want). And with relatively decent sized seams and hems, I am able to generate outfits quickly. Need a good inventory.

But I also wanted to set myself apart from the “crowd”. I wanted to be able to assemble a full outfit so that there wasn’t pieces that didn’t get worn. Ever get a blouse that just doesn’t seem to ‘go’ with any skirt or pants? And even though you love it, it just doesn’t get worn? Specific patterns and colors can get difficult to match, so I opted to create outfits that include everything you need to get dressed, including socks or tights (shoes are another story, more about that later). And to complete the outfit? A hanger, of course.

I picked up some doll hangers from a local hobby store that were intended for 18″ dolls. They were really cute, complete with a little heart bent right into it.Very cute. But at about 4 1/2″ wide, they didn’t really work well for the tops and jackets that I was sewing. And priced at about $15.00 for 6 of them, well, you can say that I wasn’t exactly thrilled with them.


I searched the web for ready to buy hangers for dolls. And either they were too small or too expensive or both. I did stumble onto a tutorial on how to make them from pipe cleaners (a cute little tutorial by an eight year old girl)… very cute! Obviously it wouldn’t work for what I needed, but it did spark an idea of how to make my own.

And this is where the Kid comes in. I show him the tutorial and the little hangers and challenged him to figure it out for me. And this is where the ‘incentive’ of being the V.P. of Manufacturing came in. I surmised that instead of raw material in the form of wire on a spool, we could ‘re-use’ full sized wire hangers. They would already be coated and smooth and we could get it free! A quick post on Craigslist and in no time at all we had several hundred hangers! (I had cleared out wire hangers from my own closets years ago… don’t get me started on why, you can envision Faye Dunaway a la Joan Crawford spewing “no wire hangers ever!” in Mommy Dearest!)

So, here was the first result:


A little fine tuning and here is the second result:

Hanger1Getting better and getting closer. We made a run to Home Depot to pick up some materials and this allowed him to create the form on which he would make the hangers. Here is attempt number 3:

Hanger3He wasn’t exactly happy with the results, so he tweaked a little more. And because some of the hangers we picked up came with the paper tubes on the bottom for pants, he made one of those as well.

HangerFinalI think we have it! I was so excited with the design that I had to take pictures and get ready to write the blog. I think the only thing I still might do is to protect little fingers from the two sharps ends, I’ve seen this dipping plastic that is used for tools that would be perfect. And I may add a little bow just for fun!

So, there you have the adventure of making the doll hangers. We did make them much wider, about seven inches at the widest part and the handle is made to fit over a 3/4 dowel. Now to get him to just sit down and crank them out! In addition to including a hanger with each outfit, we may sell them individually or in sets.

So excited about moving forward with this idea, I really believe that there is a market in my area for this. I can sell/market on Etsy, eBay and even my own blog, but on a new site called “Dollabee“, which is a Craigslist type site for dolls!

Thanks for stopping by! And as always, Happy Crafting Y’All!


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