Necessity is the Mother of Invention

I like to dabble in many things, usually at the same time. Sometimes I think I have ADHD or something, as I have trouble staying with something for very long. It seems once that I’ve mastered (or failed masterfully) with something, I am bored of it and ready to move onto something else. But above all this, I am sucker for collecting.

I saw a lace cuff on Pinterest and wanted to make one for myself. But first I had to collect everything necessary to make it and as is my habit, I went overboard collecting beads and buttons and needles and clasps and all the things that I could use to make jewelry once I finished the cuff. Of course, then I had to have a way to keep things neat and organized. I started sorting and storing using little glass jars – decorative at first – then bought a big supply of glass vials from eBay. Uniformity is kind of a big deal to me.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the blog where I created a craft cabinet for myself. If not, you can see it here. In the bottom section of the cabinet, I was using little red buckets to store and organize things. But mixed in with the jewelry making supplies is a lot of other things. So each time I wanted to locate something, for instance a replacement clasp for a necklace, I almost had to pull each out bucket and sort through the contents of the jars/vials.

Then something unique caught my eye while browsing all things for sale under $25 on Craigslist. A printer’s drawer. One used to keep typesetting letters from printers in the old days. The drawers are from a huge cabinet and they are built rock solid. Here is a photo of one that I stumbled onto on Craigslist (I’d give my left arm to have something like this!)


And here is the printer drawer I bought:


There were a handful of the cross members that were weak and wobbly, and I purposely removed to make room for some of the larger bottles, but was careful to not remove too many that it may become unstable or unrecognizable of it’s original purpose. The interior got a couple of coats of black spray paint and the outer frame was painted with my favorite Deep Space black paint, rolled on. Then attached a hanging tab.

Once on the wall, I then added all of the vials and bottles. I am very happy with the way it looks. And makes finding the specific thing I want so easy!

Printer Drawer2

Although now it seems, that I must go and collect some more bottles and beads, as it seems that I have empty space here! Printer Drawer1

Out in the garage, I have no less than six big projects in the works. Hopefully they will be completed tomorrow and posts following shortly thereafter.

Thanks for stopping by. And happy crafting y’all!


About MacCupcake

Obviously, a big Mac fan (my first Mac was the first Mac) and mother to the most awesome kid in the world. A techno-junkie and self-proclaimed geek... I love anything and everything relating to computers. Addicted to collecting Pyrex! Also love making things and figuring out how to make or adapt existing stuff into something new! Always ready to try something new!

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