Another Dresser Transformation, From Blue to Pink Ombré

I am constantly on the prowl for nice pieces of furniture that would transform well into my favorite ombré paint style and I have done a ton of the pink. People just love the pink!

Here is a recent transformation:

I especially love when the piece has four or more drawers, it gives me the chance to use more shades on it. The base coat (same as the top drawer) is one of my favorite colors, a blush pink that is almost not pink. But it gives a great base to start.

The dresser was a bit beat up, but I knew it had “good bones”. It did need to have the top replaced , as it had some water damage and the wood was coming apart. Luckily, I had picked up a table (really I got it for the wonderful pedestal base) so I could use the top for other things. A nice, big piece of solid wood.

This was a pretty simple, straight forward project once I had the top replaced. That step was pretty easy, simply measured the top and cut, then routed the edges with a nice standard router bit. Then the usual: sanding, priming and painting. Because it was such a nice piece and had previously had only one center pull, I opted to go with the same single center pull. But I did want to make it a little “sweeter”, so I used glass knobs.

So, that was that. I’ve pretty much used up most of the pink paints, so I expect that this is the last one. I think I might have saturated my market with the ombré style, as these last couple of pieces have been slow to sell. I’d like to try something new, anyway.

Here is the ‘Before & After’ photos:

Pretty nice transformation, huh? Almost hard to tell it was the same piece. I wished that I was redoing my master bedroom in pink so that I could keep these pieces! But that has been dilemma from day one, what to do with all the art, recycled, upcycled and restore projects that I do!

Well, off to work on the Kid’s room. Thanks for stopping by.

And as always, Happy Crafting Y’All!

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