Kid’s Room Re-Do, Part 3 (More Progress!)

Work continues, albeit a bit slower than I would have wanted or expected. I am hoping that this weekend, we get a lot more done and get it completed over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The desk unit is in, done!

The idea was to create a two tiered work surface in his room to contain all his computer equipment. There is one surface that is positioned so that he can stand and work – this would be for the servers that rarely require much time once they’ve been setup and running. Just some maintenance and administration. It is positioned right next to his closet door, so he didn’t want to have to have a chair that would be constantly in the way and would also allow for the tall computer towers to have plenty of space and “breathing room” underneath.

On the other side of the wall, is the sitting space. He’s already been using this space… I think he likes it! 🙂 And in between, because the window is so low, is an area that provides storage and more surface space.

When I initially imagined this desk, it was going to look something like this:The wall has a very large window that dominates the space, only about 3 feet on either side and less than 22 inches to the floor. I could have chosen a different wall, but I did want to give him the advantage of the natural light. I hoped under the window to use those kitchen cabinets that usually are above the stove or refrigerator because I could get a height that would still allow me to get the counter on top of it. Then the pipe supports would extend through the top and go all the way to the floor. It wouldn’t actually support the counter, but would give the illusion of it.

Unfortunately the best price I could find – even with sales and coupons – was over a hundred dollars for two cabinets. Then one day in an outing to a computer recycling place, I discovered that they also have office furniture as well. And on this particular day, some of the furniture (those standing on end) were 90% off! Since I had already ordered the counters, we had a specific size that I had to work within and we went through every last one with a measuring tape. Finally we found one that, with some slight modification would work perfectly. The price? SIX DOLLARS! Because I believe in this place and was so happy with the service, I am going to give them some recognition. They are called The Surplus Exchange and you can find their website here.

So, we carted that heavy piece home and started working. We had to shorten it some to fit under the window but it was a minor alteration and it didn’t affect anything major, like drawers or doors. And then it got painted our favorite “Deep Space” black. It was awesome.

They we carted it up the stairs and into place. It all fit like a glove. We did have to alter the original plan to run the pipes down through the top, as the cabinet now was as long as the counter, but it’s okay, we just put the flanges on the top of the counter. Looks just as cool. No, cooler.

The Kid’s dad is actually a plumber, so he helped by putting together all the pipe supports. They actually do support the fronts of both work surfaces. I was able to get all the piping cut with the help of a friendly Home Depot associate (Hi Michael!) He used my rough dimensions to cut all the pieces and help me identify just what I needed from the vast selection.

Okay, so as it seems that no house, whether it been brand new or 100 years old (or 8 years, as mine is) there doesn’t seem to be a 90 degree corner in any room, so the desktops had to be careful wrangled into place. A minor amount of damage occurred, so I had a little wall repair completed and retouched the paints and had a little caulking to do with some small gaps between the tops and the walls. Barely noticeable now though.

The lights were also installed since last post. I found these at a local big box furniture store and was able to secure these lights for $9 each! I had to wait a couple of days for them to be shipped in from the warehouse, but that was okay. I still want to find different, more “industrial” looking shades, but the Kid says the standard ones are fine. I think he is just ready for all of this to be done.

It is so hard to get good pictures of this all black and dark desk unit which sits against a bright window!

Here is an attempt to get an overall picture:


So, when we’re done with this project, I will get some better photos. Perhaps if I take some at night and not have to deal with the light from the window. 🙂

So, we’ve already started on the bed project, so we’re off to work on that now. The Kid, like I said is ready for this to be done, but really doesn’t want to work on it anymore. We just need to trudge on through.

Thanks for stopping by and tracking progress. And Happy Crafting Y’All!

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