Kid’s Room Re-Do, Part 2 (We’re making progress!)

Got up early and decided to get this post finished and published!

I think I’ve mentioned once or twice or a hundred times that I am a big lover of recycle, reduce, reuse. The Kid too. So when it came time to outfitting the new room with furniture, I really wanted to find the perfect pieces.

In a recent thrifting trip, one that we happened upon completely by accident and almost didn’t stop, we found this lovely piece. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ‘before’ picture with the drawers in. But you can see that it needed some love.

I always go straight to the furniture sections at thrift store, the Kid heads to electronics. For someone still in his teens, he has a ‘nostalgic’  spot for “antique” computer and gaming equipment. Definitely need a lot of storage space in his room for his beloved collection.

This particular thrift store had a pretty sizable selection of furniture, unfortunately, most of it was junk. You know, those mass pieces put out in the last few years of particular or pressboard and with little to no personality. The prices of this stuff was pretty high too. I see a lot of those entertainment centers that were so popular when 32″ televisions weighed more than VW Bugs and were almost the same size. Now with flat screen televisions being mounted on the wall, those entertainment units are a dime a dozen. Most of them aren’t worthy of a second look though.

I found one recently, though, made of solid wood that I turned into a play kitchen. You can check it out here.

Anyway, we were just about to leave the store when I saw a few “older pieces” that had been shoved toward the back. I guess who ever was organizing the store didn’t see the value in all-wood, handmade furniture from 50 years ago. Good for me, bad for the store. And the store was running a promo of 30% off all furniture. The piece that caught my eye wasn’t marked and I had to track down someone who could tell me the price. Considering how overpriced everything else was, I figured this would be well out of my price range.

Obviously the young man “in charge” obviously wasn’t one of those who recognized quality, not real quality. When he took a look at the piece, he quipped “$40”, almost with a question mark at the end. I asked if the discount applied and he said yes. That means that I was walking out of there with this all-wood, quality piece for thirty bucks!

So, it just fit in the back of my car (have I told you about my little SUV? It is so versatile and I can work it to death!) and carted it home. Of course I forgot to take a photo before I started working on it, but here it is with just the drawers in the center removed:

You can see that this piece is all wood… it is such a wonderful piece, worthy of restoration. So, I jumped right in and after a light sanding, I started to apply the first of five coats of my beloved Deep Space Black. I used a foam roller and light coats, it comes out so beautifully. The paint is a semi-gloss, so even though the finish is soft, it is still shiny. It is beautiful.

Here is the crowning glory. In keeping with the mechanical/industrial theme of the room, I wanted to use unique handles. The ‘ribbon bow’ look of the original handles is beautiful, but not in keeping with the theme. After searching high and low and not finding what we’re looking for, I had an idea.

I saw this idea on FAB… have you been on the site? Wonderful selection of unique and wonderful stuff. A few weeks back, they showed these lamps:

I was determined to incorporate this design into the room. And I thought… why not handles for the console? So off to the Home Depot (I wonder if I can get corporate sponsorship for as much as I visit this guys!?) to browse the piping aisle.

And here is what I came up with:

So, here’s a short tutorial about how I did it. Obviously the handle is three pieces, you simply screw the three pieces together. Each handle is two 90 degree couplings with a 3 inch nipple. But how to attach it to the console? The Kid actually came up with the idea… fill the pipe with wood and then using a wood screw,  install it through the existing hole.

So using a wood dowel, I simply screwed it into each handle end:

Then clamping it and sawing it off even with the end of the piping joint (a couple needed to be sanded to get them level with the end of the coupling):

This is what you end up with:

And here are the five handles ready to be attached to the cabinet. Be forewarned, these are actually meant to be used in plumbing, so they are dirty and greasy. I used some ‘GooBeGone’ (although any degreaser or soap would probably work) and an old towel to thoroughly clean them before I attached them. After working with them during the process, my hands were absolutely black!

And here is the finished piece, with the handles attached. It really adds a nice ‘industrial’ touch to the console. He will be putting his television on top of the cabinet and then the gaming systems in the side cabinets. When he plays, he simply needs to open the cabinet doors and he will be ready to play! And when he is done, everything is neatly hidden and stored in the drawers and cabinets.

So, there is the finished product. I am so pleased with how this turned out and with a relatively inexpensive total. The cabinet was $30 and the total hardware was about $25. The paint, which I have been using for many projects, was $30 for a paint-and-primer semi-gloss and I already had all the painting supplies. I estimate the total for this piece right at $60! I would have spent ten times that amount in Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn for a similar piece and I wouldn’t have been half as happy with it. 🙂

Up next is to finish painting the room. First thing in the morning! At the same time, I think we can get the ceiling fan and task lighting installed. We may actually get so far as to get all the furniture pieces into the room, once we have the bed assembled. It is a whole ‘nuther project! Keep coming back for the next installment!

Okay, thanks for stopping by!  Happy Crafting Y’All!

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