Paint Chip Cards, Part II

Hello fellow crafters!

Just a quick update and more photos as I continue creating the paint chip cards. Made another trip to Home Depot and really loaded up on the best and boldest paint color chip cards. Although I was a little hesitant about how many I was collecting, it barely made a dent in their display. Additionally, I bought nearly a hundred dollars worth of spray paint (for other and future projects), so I think it was a fair trade.

I’ve also decided to open an Etsy shop and give selling my crafts a try. I only attempted something like this once before, when I first started quilting, but soon found that I was more offended when people wanted to barter with me for my handmade quilts. Most of the time it seemed that what people were offering was less than the actual materials used in the construction, to say nothing of the time and energy put into its creation. And of course, it was a real crush to my creative spirit and I took it as an insult. From that point on, if anyone ever made a nice remark or compliment on a quilt that I made, I simply gave it to them as a gift. It was much more rewarding. And way more satisfying.

But it seems, over the years, I have spent a small fortune on crafting and quilting materials. I love the creation and construction and the challenge and I would spend the money anyway, but I thought I would give it a try. Who knows what might happen.

I actually have met a fellow crafter who has fed my furniture refinishing bug. She has done some beautiful stuff with furniture and following on the heels of my red crafting cabinet (see the blog here) I think I want to try some more. The real problem I see to doing furniture projects, though, is that my house is packed now and I don’t have an extra inch for any more furniture. So I contacted her to see how she sells her stuff and got to talking. So now I have renewed excitement to try some more.

But back to the paint chip cards. Gonna see if I can move some of these and generate a little capital for some furniture projects. So check out my Etsy shop when you have a few minutes.

Well, there you go. They are grouped in sets of three, as they are for sale. I still have tons of ideas, so I will probably create lots more. I’d love to do a big order for a business or something, with a color theme or something. I think it would just be fun.

Anyway, that’s it for today. Hope to have you come back soon.

And happy crafting, y’all!

Paint Chip Cards

I have had some extra time on my hands and have been enjoying trying my hand at some new crafting. I had stumbled across something similar to this on Pinterest a while ago and wanted to try this. If this works out as well as I hope, I might try to market this on Etsy. I think there is a time for technology businesses to incorporate handmade and art into their business and I am hoping that something like this might be it.

I have over the course of the past year or so collected quite the collection of paint chips and have tried a number of projects using them. But in doing so, have barely put a dent in the collection. The initial bunch of paints chips were collected honestly, in trying to determine the perfect colors for my (still yet to be started) master bedroom makeover. So, I had quite a selection of green/turquoise/blue and brown color palette, but I dare say that I set out with the intent to add to the collection for the purpose of crafting. I spend quite a bit of money at Home Depot and Lowes, so I hope they don’t object too much.

Ever being the crafter and collector, I rarely throw anything away. And that includes paper. Especially paper. I have quite the collection of weights and colors and styles, some only a single or two sheets, but some I have more. Collected from various companies that I have worked for, stationary stores, estates sales and art stores. And they have made the moves with me all over the states.

So, it was from this collection that I pulled 20 sheets or so of the perfect weight, slightly over-sized, very white paper. Folder in half and trimmed slightly to fit into 6″ x 9″ envelopes, it became the perfect canvas for these small works of art (at least that is the way I like to think of them).

Using a paper cutter (one purchase that I have never regretted) I simply started to cut varying shapes and sizes while I experimented with the paint chips to get the most useable material from them – avoiding the color names and brand logos and white dividing lines. Once I started cutting and trimming, it was almost hypnotic and definitely relaxing. And I only cut myself once!

The first attempt was slow going. Used only the most basic shapes and larger sized pieces.

Then, I started working with angles. Some angles, working cautiously, at first…

…then a little bolder…

…then went nuts! LOL

Then I tried my hand at a monochrome theme.

Then the process started to begin to flow.

More chromatic schemes:

The last one was an attempt to recreate a stained glass pattern, but I wasn’t too happy with the way it turned out. I might give it another shot, and work on the process. Refine it and make it a little cleaner. I think if I make more of a ‘template’ and pre-cut all the pieces, it might work a little better, cleaner, more precise.

At this point, I’ve really used up the better portion of my paint chips – at least all the really ‘good’ colors. I need to pay a visit to my local big box hardware stores to restock. If you know where I might be able to put my hands on them more easily, please share the secret!

Here are all the cards displayed together. I’ve been searching the internet looking for more ideas that I can adapt. In the back of my mind I think that traditional quilting patterns might work nicely as well. I may also work with smaller card sizes, perhaps ‘thank you’ cards or to accompany gifts of quilts.

Thanks for dropping by. And happy crafting y’all!

My Little Slice of Heaven

I’ve always been a crafty and creative person. From the youngest age, I remember making and painting and planting or decorating or drawing or something creative. Always trying new ways to do things and make things better, make things my “own”. I usually can look at things and see something else, something better, something happier, something more beautiful or functional. It might stem from growing up sharing everything with many siblings and never feeling that I had much of my own.

So, when I moved with my then-husband and son from California to Missouri and we were able to go a little nuts with our new house (a semi-custom built, brand new home), one of the things I insisted on having was a craft/sewing room. And I got it. I am an über-organized person and chose cabinets for the storage of my extensive fabric collection. I have been a prolific quilter, having created, completed and given away almost 300 quilts. And I have another 300 or so quilt tops waiting to be quilted and bound.

This is how it appears, now almost eight years later.

I lined one wall and wrapped it around the corner with the white bead-board cabinets. The ones along the long wall are only about 10″ deep; the lower cabinets are tall enough to accommodate bolts of fabric standing… fabric stays much nicer and it is easier to find the pattern and color this way. The upper cabinets allow for smaller cuts of fabric off the bolt, but it allows me to stack it nicely and makes it easy to locate. It also prevents the fabric from fading. I have the fabrics sorted by color families in the cabinets, reds, blues, greens; even one cabinet of black and whites.

Above the cabinets I have room for the orange crates for storage of my quilting and crafting magazines. I also have some photograph boxes that I store pre-cut fabric squares, each labeled neatly.

The corner cabinet is much deeper and is perfect for storing stuffing, batting and assorted other materials and equipment. With the extra few inches between the cabinet and window, I had rounded display shelves installed and has become the home of my extensive button collection. It all started innocently enough with a denim picnic quilt that had red buttons at the square intersections. Of course, I only need about 30 or 40 to finish the quilt and the auction I won on eBay included at least 100, so of course, I had to find a way to store/display them. I had this beautiful apothecary-style jar rescued from an estate sale or thrift store and the red buttons were beautiful in it.

Added to it my maternal grandmother’s buttons (it was left to me when she passed away) which contained so many wonderful memories. Both my grandmother’s sewed, probably out of necessity, but they each had their specialties. My maternal grandmother love to crochet and my paternal grandmother was a quilter. My mom was an avid embroiderer. My father’s oldest sister, Helga, hand quilted until her death at the age of 103. So I guess it runs in my blood.

In the middle of the room, stands a bar height table, perfect for cutting, organizing and crafting. It also allows for storage underneath, accessible to often used fabrics and stashes of assorted goodies. I have multiple cutting mats, rotary cutting tools and cutting rulers. I have found creative ways to store and display these items.

I had installed the perfect lighting, a four bulb fixture that hangs directly over the table. Another single matching fixture hangs directly above the sewing table (you’ll see in other photos). And of course, there is the room’s original lighting.

seems every available inch of wall space is covered with something related to sewing, quilting or crafting. In between the room’s door and the closet’s door allows for the display of just some of my pin cushion collection. It’s amazing when people find out your hobbies, they seem to be on the vigil for the perfect or unique or antique thingamajig to give you. And I love all of them!

In this corner of the room are my sewing machines. Or more acurately, my sewing machine, my embroidery machine and my serger. When I was much younger, I bought a Singer sewing machine and used that machine for 19 years before it gave out. I think I wore it out, I used it that much. So when it came to replacing it, I opted to stay with the Singer brand and have never been happier with a decision. I have upgraded three times to fancier and more intricate machines, all with a computer “heart”. They have all served me well. Very well.

Behind the door is actually a design wall, but it has long been covered with samples, leftover quilt squares and assorted projects. I’ve actually removed the cork from a small cork board and replaced it with peg board and it allows me to display the quilting hoops and tools needed for the embroidery machine. Along the floor, I have a small collection of antique irons. Me and estate sales. 🙂

The room technically is a bedroom and has a huge walk-in closet. I removed all the shelves and hanging rods and installed these wonderful shelves/drawer units for more storage. The baskets on the left side are actually storage for fat quarters, all sorted by color. Again, being in the dark, behind a door, keeps the fabrics from fading and reduces dust. Drawers are the perfect storage for ribbons, tools, and other craft items – keeping things neat and organized.

So, there you have it, the tour of my favorite room in the house. Er, it may be tied with my home office as my favorite. Love that room as well. There is just no way that I could ever use all of the material and supplies that I have, I have no doubt that my treasures will eventually make for one heck of an estate sale!

Well, thanks for dropping by! As always, happy crafting, y’all!

Need buttons?

Hello friends;

I currently have an auction going on eBay for a lot of vintage buttons still on cards. In my many visits to estate sales, I ran across one woman’s home that was just packed with crafting materials including tons of buttons, many still on their original cards. It’s tough to determine how old some of them actually are, although they show the normal yellowing of age and some have price tags of as little as ten cents!

So here are photos of the cards, sorted by their manufacturer. Some of the brands even show how the design of the logo has changed over time.

If you want to check out the auction, which ends in about three days (May 12, 201208:24:49 PDT) here.

I chose some of the cards to add to my collection, but it is fast becoming almost too much. This is the display that I have in my sewing room. I seem to have a little of everything these days.

I need to take some really good photos of my sewing/crafting room. It’s nearly perfect for everything that I like to do. I spend a lot of time there and really enjoy it. I think I have enough projects planned and enough supplies in the room to outlive me, for sure.

Happy crafting, y’all! Come back soon.

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