Easy and pretty bracelets to make!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but things have been hectic. But I took a trip over to my favorite hobby and fabric store and made some purchases. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I find it fun to make. And I love spending time in the beading and jewelry aisle.

This was a pretty quick with the use of a magnetic closure. The beads were encased with silver wires and with the loops at either end made it a snap to string together.

I purchased an auction from eBay (another favorite place for crafting supplies)… these are actually watch gears. I underestimated just how small they were, but it actually turned out for fine chain I used. I probably should have used a smaller jump ring size, but I like the way it turned out.

These bracelets are actually made from sewing trims. It is really easy to work with and is much less expensive than buying across the aisle in jewelry supplies. A simple magnetic closure and these were done! Easy and quick.

This bracelet was also made from a sewing trim. I am sure that this would be beautiful on a New Year’s Eve gown and I might give that a shot at some time. Meanwhile, the way that this trim was created – by wrapping two sizes of beads around a core of black cording – made it very simple to create this bracelet. Simply unraveling about two inches to expose the cord and looping it and knotting. A few stitches to keep it in place and a simple black button and it was done.

I’ve been busy planning more projects… I know, I know, I was supposed to finish my list before I started any more, but I completed quite a few and I keep finding more and more wonderful things to create while browsing Pinterest. So come back often!

Happy crafting, y’all!




A Real Conundrum!

Have you experienced this? Love to do crafts but don’t have room to display them once they’re completed? Given your treasures to friends and family to the point where they start running the other direction when they see you coming with a gift in hand?

I’ve been quilting and crafting pretty much my whole life. I love all types of creative projects and am passing the love of that on to my child as well. And even though we live in a pretty good sized house, we’re busting at the seams with our treasures. Walls are filled, desktops and tables are covered and even the bed in the guest room has at least 5 quilts folded and stacked at the foot. I have given away as birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts the quilts I create as well as “donating” them to school functions for auctions, to the local pet center for homeless animals or as raffles and practically have come down to foisting them onto friends of friendsĀ  and acquaintances! I get the distinct feeling that people are grateful for what I have given them, but are silently putting their collective foot down and saying “no more!”.

What do you do with these treasures once they are completed?

This is the most recently completed project, rescued from an estate sale, the dingy dirty cradle was in pieces and dirty from child’s play. I cleaned it, repainted it and created bedding from white with pink polka dots and pink gingham fabric I had in my quilting stash. A new co-worker with a five year old daughter was the recipient of this treasure/craft (after all, I only have a 16 year old son). I love to do the crafts, but heaven knows I have neither a little girl to present it to nor the space in my house to display it.

Do you ever find yourself in this predicament? I don’t want to stop crafting and sewing, but I need new ideas as to what to do with the completed projects!

On my dream list: Tornado Shelter

Have recently been watching old episodes of “The Twilight Zone” and have seen quite a few episodes dealing with tornado and/or bomb shelters and have been thinking that I should build one in the backyard. We do, incidentally, live in ‘tornado alley’.

But I cannot have a run-of-the-mill tornado shelter with the wooden door jutting up from the ground. I am going to start designing the whole process, but needed a place to post pictures, so what better place than my blog.

I want to hide the entrance with this little building:

The photo is literally a still from a movie, taken by pausing the movie and snapping a photo with my iPhone. I don’t want to put too much (just enough) effort into it, in case a tornado does come and destroys it, but it needs to look authentically old. I also need to do it as cheaply and as easily as possible.

Whaddya think? Stop back by for updates. I have some great ideas how to approach this project.

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