Runaway Bunny doubles as an iPad case.

Apologies in advance, I wished I had taken more photos and was able to provide more step by step instructions. I wasn’t completely happy with the end results and am actively looking for another book to do this again, and I will take additional and more detailed photos.

I ran across this board book – the hard paged books designed for children – at one of my favorite local thrift store. Children’s books are priced three for a dollar, so this book cost me a whopping thirty-four cents. It has large colorful illustrations and is large enough and thick enough to accommodate an iPad. I have the first generation iPad, so am not absolutely sure, but fairly certain this will work for the iPad 2 as well.

First, I flipped a couple of pages in and placed the iPad face down on the page and drew an outline around it. I then cut the top page. This would serve as the top page. If I do this again, I would wait and do this as one of the last steps to make sure that it was a nice clean cut edges.

I then glued all the pages together, leaving the last page and back cover loose. You may want to choose a page with an illustration that especially appeals to you, because it will be what is displayed when the iPad is not in the book.

I then clamped the pages together and headed for the garage. First, using a 1/4 inch bit, I drilled holes in the four corners of the outline to make nice rounded corners. I drilled one more off center on the upper side to use as a finger hole to lift the iPad out of the book. Then, using a jig saw, I cut along the marked lines. I made the mistake of keeping on the inside of the line so that when I was done, the result was slightly too small for the iPad to fit and I had to try to enlarge it using the saw (not a good idea) and then resorted to much sanding.

Once I had the cutout large enough and had sanded all the edges smooth, I then glued the final page and back cover together. Each time I glued pages, using E-6000 glue (white glue did not work on the very slick pages), I would clamp the whole thing together and brace them between pieces of plywood and let them sit over night.

One of the mistakes I made was that although I had included a finger hole to life the iPad out of the book, I didn’t account for the power switch on the iPad. I had to try and retrofit an additional divot to accommodate it and it didn’t turn out that well.

Once it had dried over night, I did a little bit of additional sanding on the outside edges and dropped the iPad into it. Fit like a glove and ironically, the book weighs about what the original book did before cutting away most of its pages. So it adds an element of security as well.

Well, that about does it for this post. Like I said, if I do manage to find another book like this suitable for use, I will include many more photos and more detailed steps. Feel free to contact me with any questions about how I did this.

I hope this gives you ideas and you’re enjoying the blog.

Happy Crafting!

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